Under Spiritual Attacks

By The Webmaster

Happy Advent Everyone!!!

Star of BethlehemAnd thank you all so much for your many prayers. This past month has been so very difficult for us, especially once it became clear that we were under spiritual attack from numerous sides. From a series of pets dyeing one after the other (along with racking vet costs into the thousands!!), to a sense of tension and oppression that just permeates the air, to things breaking around the house and numerous communication issues preventing us from being paid by our clients for work we had done. Even our phones and emails give us issues when dealing with our site. (John Martinez tried 6 times to send me his message before it went through, and our phones kept getting disconnected every time we spoke about the message.) Honestly, at times it feels as if we can barely breath before being hit with another issue, the worst being the financial hits that seem to come one-after-the-other.

So first and fore-most, please remember us in your prayers. They help so very much!!! (We often see a "break in the clouds" when people pray for us.) And any help would be so very much appreciated.

May the Lord bless you all as we welcome our Lord into our hearts and homes this Christmas, and I will continue to pray for you all as well. God bless.

Your Brother in Christ,