Resistance from the Evil One

By The Webmaster

To our wonderful readers,

Jesus cryingDevelopment on the newest apps for After the Warning has begun. ((Yeah!!! Praise God!!)) But as soon as we began work on the new project, financial problems suddenly began plaguing us one after another. We did expect some resistance from the evil one when we announced the new initiative, but lately the misfortunes have become a bit frightening. From several potential clients unexpectedly falling through our fingers for no reason to the government assistance we were receiving dwindling to almost nothing due to incorrect information, it is only through the Grace of God that we are still standing strong. I keep reminding my wife that we were told that things would get tougher starting this autumn, but I think we were naively hoping like so many others that some-how this chalice would pass us by. Well, it hasn't.

As you all know, I hate asking for help. I literally wait till I have no other options usually, and even then I wont ask until my wife insists we don't have a choice. But as of today our bank account is in the negative, we had to use our bill money for food, and the days ahead are not looking very good for us.

First and foremost, please pray for us that this series of unfortunate events will come to an end (if it is His will), and until then that we will willingly carry our cross behind our Lord. And if anyone is able and willing, we really would appreciate any help regardless of the size.

Again, I'm sorry for asking. Thank you all so very much, and please know that I offer my prayers at mass for you all every week. God bless.

Your Brother in Christ,