By The Webmaster

Hi again everyone,

Once the Illumination has occurred, this site will undoubtedly become a central point for people to share their Illumination stories.  And so I have been hard at work preparing the site for this upcoming event.  And since I am 100% sure that the world media outlets are going to be lying about any statistical data (as they ALWAYS do), I decided to set up a series of statistical pages that breaks down EVERY Illumination story that is submitted and creating a series of statistical charts based on all the entries. 

Thank you Mark Mallett for the wise encouragement to persevere!!


Example Chart

Experience Type Pie Chart

The following is a sneak-peak as to the tools that will be available to the public when the time comes:

And you will be able to view individual stories, submit your own, and download a pdf version of all the stories as well:

Please pray for us that we will be able to complete this task before the Illumination occurs!  God bless.