Invoke My Holy Spirit... And He Will Help You

By Do Whatever He Tells You

December 5, 2016

Children of God, how impoverished I see you in virtues and merits, even those who should lead a life of exceptional holiness. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You must strive more to increase your merits, both in terms of sacraments and sacrifices, because children, you are not reaching what is sufficient to gain Heaven, and you must be better Christians and fulfill My precepts more and better. My grace will not fail you in anything, but you are content with a routine life of daily spiritual habits and that is all, and even these spiritual habits you do so routinely that they do not enrich you in virtue. But children, invoke My Holy Spirit, the Inner Master of souls, the Sanctifier, and He will help you to grow more in virtues and merits. I know that with your own strength alone you cannot climb steps, and the steps hat you have to climb have to reach Heaven, and they are many. Make every holy moment with inner praises to the Most Holy  Trinity or to My Mother, pray for sinners as you walk or drive or do some task, rectify your intentions at all times and make them supernatural so that I might profit from them for the good of souls, of Holy Mother Church and of all Humanity. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

There are many souls suffering, not only in the whole world but also around you. Have love for them and do not avoid their sufferings, therefore offer them acts of love, praise and sacrifices for them, and although you are not helping them materially, do so spiritually, and I assure you that they will benefit from your prayers and offerings. I am greatly pleased with the souls that are concerned about other souls, for the unfortunate, the broken families, the children of whom very many are victims of this society that has turned everything into a heap of manure. Be in solidarity with the pain of others, including people you do not know, but whom prayers reach if you offer them with a real desire to help them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Do not be anxious about your economic, professional, or family situations. Do everything you can on your part, and if you love Me above all things, I will do the rest. Seek, children, seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the rest will be given unto you (Mt 6,33). I always fulfill My word, and you yourselves can verify it if you act in this way. If you care for My glory before anything else, I will care for your things and will not leave you destitute. I, Jesus, am speaking to you. Peace to everyone who, reading this message, believes it and puts it into practice.