A Sword Pierced Her Soul

By Do Whatever He Tells You

December 15, 2016

Blessed children of My Sacred Heart, I see you every day and at every moment, and I see how very many of you are suffering and undergoing trials and tribulations. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Children, those trials that now seem so hard, that to some of you even seem to be hell, will pass; they are fleeting and are not a hell, but rather, when taken well, they will free you from Hell. So children, resist, endure and be united with Me in those moments that hurt you so much. Many regarding relatives whom you have lost unexpectedly, children who also suffer because they do not understand: children, I am with you and do not abandon you, but your suffering taken well and offered helps to conquer the evil that in many parts of the world reigns and is conquering. Suffering is a very powerful weapon for overcoming evil when you look at and accept yourselves with the eyes of faith and offer yourselves to the Most High. Your tribulations will pass away, but the ones of those who condemn themselves will be eternal, and your pains and bitter experiences help save souls and overcome evil if you know how to live them with a spirit of faith and without despairing. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

It is not a chastisement that I am sending you; no children, no, it is participating in My Passion according to your dispositions and according to your strengths. Unite your bitter pains to Mine and those of My Holy Mother, which were immense, and as the old man Simeon announced, a sword pierced her soul (Lk 2:35). And you who now undergo daily tribulations, tribulations that are fleeting, they demoralize you because you believe that I do not listen to you and that I have forgotten you. Nothing offends me more than this thought; I never forget My creatures and I love them in the same measure when they are in suffering as when they are in joy; this, children, you must be believe to be so, because if you think that I do not love you when You are in suffering, you offend me considerably and it hurts me more than anything in the world if you think that I stop loving you. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Help yourselves mutually by praying for one another. Just as you would help carry a heavy load for someone who could not do it on the material plane, help each other in the same way on the spiritual plane. Pray for those who suffer, but do not do it out of routine, but from the heart, with the immense desire to help, because prayer made from heart and in union with Me has much strength, much more than the prayers of multitudes of people who neither do it from the heart nor in union with me. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you. My peace to everyone who, suffering, believes in My love for them.