Messages to an anonymous seer in Spain

By Do Whatever He Tells You

October 16 and November 15, 2016

The following messages have been translated by my friend Peter.  (Thanks!!!)  This visionary appears to be an anonymous seer from Spain.  Peter has been followign his messages since 2007 and, seeing that there has been nothing contrary to the faith as far as he could see, he asked me if I would consider sharing the messages.  You can learn more about this see at and I'll be creating a page on my site specifically for his messages soon.

As always, please pray for discernment before reading any messages.



November 15, 2016

Let him who is without sin throw the first stone

My children, many of you make me very displeased because your whole zeal is for continually criticizing the Pope. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

No one is perfect, but the good or the evil that this figure may be doing, only I know it, and I assure you that I do not turn My gaze away from him. You, My children, only see the negative in this Pope, but you do not see the good that he has done; therefore, curb your tongues and do not judge according to your criteria, because Mine are totally opposed to yours.

If he has said, says or will say something that it does not fit with My doctrine or the Magisterium of the Church, pray for him or write to him and let him see it, but do not censure him with so little charity because this does not please me. I do not consent to it that you treat a person who represents Me as if he were dross. I am the Judge and I will judge him in all that he may have done or does wrong, and I assure you that not a single trifle will be left unjudged. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Prayer is an very effective weapon for everything. To combat heresies, to help those who are wrong, to make your sons and daughters walk the path of the good, in order for priests to be holy; spend more time in prayer and not in murmuring, for many of you who criticize the Pope have children living in sin with their partners, or your family totally separated from Me, God and Lord! Therefore, children, stop this language and if desires to criticize the Pope come to you because you see that his measures are not adequate, bring them to me in prayer but not in your murmuring. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I am not telling you this with anger - much less, I tell you this with love and mercy, because I repeat that the one who is without sin should throw the first stone (Jn 8: 7), and many of you, children, are in sin, and above all, in the sin of pride since you believe that you are better and holier than the Pope.

We are in times of confusion of apostasy, of estrangement from God; do not provoke more apostasy with your criteria and opinions, do not do what does not comply with My doctrine, be faithful to the Magisterium as before, but I repeat, hold your tongue and beware of giving your criticisms or opinions. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.




November 12, 2016


My little children, how much love I have for you! And how great is My desire to meet you in Eternal Life. I, Mary, your Mother, am speaking to you.

Heaven is not gained solely by wishing for it; Heaven, little children, is gained by fulfilling God's will at every moment, that is the true and only way to gain Heaven. For if you do great penances or great prayers but then act according to your whims and according to your tastes and criteria, and do not do the will of God, you are mistaken, because sometimes Satan, in order to separate you from your duties and God's will, suggests great prayers so that you do not do what you really have to do. Be careful My children; he disguises himself as an Angel of Light and tries to make you believe that you should postpone your family duties and exchange them for hours of prayers, and no, children - first obligation, then devotion.

Praying is good and healthy for the soul, but it is necessary to do it in the moments that God desires, and this you know very well through your conscience. If you stop sleeping in order to do an all-night vigil and then you go to work and do not do your work adequately, then that night of vigil has served only serve to spoil what is your duty. Rid yourselves of personal tastes, whims, vain and superfluous things and exchange them for prayer or acts of devotion, but do not take away anything from your duties, for they are first in your life and give great glory to God when you fulfill them diligently. I, Mary, Your Mother, am speaking to you.

It pleases me that that You honor Me in pilgrimages, in devotions, in public acts that you do for Me, but may this not create discord with your family. If you go to a Rosary and then you do not have the things of the house arranged and everything is abandoned, and those who enter the house are depressed at seeing the disorder and neglect, then, children, that Rosary not only has not honored Me but has not pleased Me, and you cannot make the excuse that you have been praying; this not only does not evangelize but produces rejection from those to whom you say it. Similarly with a man who has to go to the office and instead of clearing the papers that he has to put in order, he has been praying during the night and his strength has gone during those hours, and he does not do his work adequately, and of course his companions realize it. Children, be careful how you approach your lives, because Satan suggests to you things that do not enter into God's will even though they are holy things. If God does not want you to pray in those moments because they are not opportune moments, do not do it and offer to God what you do need to do, as this please Him greatly and gives Him glory. I, Mary, your Mother, am speaking to you and instruct you. Peace to you in your hearts.




November 4, 2016


My children, I am exceedingly happy to see that when the day of the dead [i.e. November 2] comes, you turn to them and offer them Masses, Rosaries, you bring flowers to their tombs and remember them. This also makes them very happy to see that their loved ones do not forget them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

But children, do not wait until the day of the dead arrives in order to offer them aid, because they are very much in need of your prayer and expect you to offer it to them. Sometimes you dream about them and it is because they are calling on you to pray for them. Have mercy on them since they cannot acquire merit of their own, but you who are still in this world can help them with the Holy Mass and other prayers that relieve them so much in their torments. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

And if you believe that your deceased loved ones are in the afterlife and have not been turned back into nothing, how is it that then you live as if there were no Beyond to which you will all go? You must live in greater consistency with the truths of your faith, because if you believe a thing but then do not put it into practice, it is like someone who has bread and goes hungry. Gain merits so that when you leave this life you have as little Purgatory as possible, because Purgatory is harder than you suppose and you can avoid much time in it with indulgences and works of mercy and by living life in a state of grace. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

It is the foolish who, knowing things, do not put them into practice, because the one who does not know them has less fault, but you Catholics are at fault because you know things and do not put them into practice. You believe in Purgatory and do not even consider that you will go there for a long time if you do not live a life more consistent with your Catholic faith. So, children, gain greater merit in your existence, as Heaven will not give it to you, and many of those who go to Purgatory have been very close to going to Hell, as only by My mysterious designs and the prayers of many others souls have they escaped the eternal fire. Therefore, children, do not put your eternal salvation at risk; you know full well that you can never leave Hell, not so with Purgatory as by the aid that you offer for the souls of Purgatory you can advance their coming out, for I have already told you that the sufferings there are also fearful. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.




October 28, 2016


My children, you cannot imagine for a moment the monstrosities being planned for this Humanity, that I, Jesus of Nazareth, redeemed with My Most Precious Blood. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Catholics, children who love Me!, you must be more devoted to your spiritual commitments that you offer Me, because as soon as you have a simple headache, you abandon the Mass or other pious practices, so children, do not diminish what you have offered Me, because I tell you that if you knew what the rulers who do not love Me and the entrepreneurs who only want money are scheming, you would put your hands on your heads in horror. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Evil is taking on enormous dimensions and evil is more frightening every day, therefore, you Catholics of My Heart, My little and simple souls, do not stop praying and performing your daily practices of piety, above all the Mass, because I will supply in you what you lack, so that good may win in those who love Me and so that evil might not be able to do any harm in your souls, as although you will suffer in your bodies, I do not want them to touch your souls and pervert them, neither out of fear, nor of cowardice, nor for lack of faith. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Do acts of reparation and do not stop doing them. Do acts in recognition of My Holy Mother, invoke and pray to your Holy Guardian Angels, and you, children, deprive yourselves of some pleasure so that good would triumph and evil vanish like smoke. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You should be very devoted to the things of Me, and above all be very constant. Do not let yourselves be fooled by words, arguments that are not right, deceit or errors, from whomsoever they may come. It is not important if you lose your job or house. All the evil that they can do to you in this life is not important if in the end you save your soul. Many will die young, so do not be confident that you still have time to live the life of piety and devotion to God. Be prepared and above all remain firm in the faith as always, regardless of where other standards may come from that have nothing to do with Me. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.




October 23, 2016


Blessed are all those who fulfill My will without putting up any resistance. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

My children, being holy is not to do great penances, or to throw yourselves into endless hours of prayer; yes, all this is praiseworthy, but a person who does not do great penance or long hours of prayer but fulfills My will at every moment, that Person is really holy and will go very far in eternal glory.

And you are thinking 'and how do I know that I am doing the will of God?' You know by your conscience in which I speak to you. You must be honest and diligent in your work, you must be honest in everything, you must be upright in your decisions made according to My precepts, but above all, if you want to be sure that you are doing My will, do things as the Virgin would do them and in this way you will always succeed.

That discourteous word that you think to say about saying to someone, shut it up and pray for that person. That injustice that they are doing to you at work or in some other situation, offer it to me, that pain that has come to you from a misunderstanding or from a relative, accept it and offer it to me, that illness or accident that fills you with limitations and which you were not anticipating, offer it to me and accept it as My Holy Mother would do, because at all times She fulfilled My will and at all times gave immense glory to the Most Holy Trinity, so much so that the Angels venerated her when She was still on Earth. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

To be holy is not to seek what you desire, although it may be costly things that I also appreciate, but I prefer it when you accept what life brings you that is thankless or painful and you offer it to Me, because in this way you accept what I allow so that you might grow in holiness and become strong in faith. This does not mean that you do not defend yourselves against the injustices that they do to you, but you accept them, offer them and entrust them to Me, for I who am kindness will try to help you in everything if anger or pride do not overcome you, much less the self-esteem that is such a bad counselor. And if after defending yourselves against some injustice it does not turn out well for you, accept it equally and offer it to me again, because I appreciate and take great profit from the tribulations that you offer Me and accept with love and faith. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.




October 16, 2016


My children, why do you become discouraged each time that things do not go as you would wish? I must help you to grow in holiness, but you cannot stand even one bad day of darkness or tribulation. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

If you read the lives of the saints you would understand how much they suffered to reach the level where they arrived. On the basis of chisel strokes I was modelling them to My taste and making them heroic in their tribulations and sufferings. And you Catholics today cannot stand even a slight annoyance: then you argue with your co-workers or your spouses, then you get upset, wanting to impose your criteria whether they are reasonable or not. But children, do not you realize that you are passing through this life and that you need to gain Heaven for yourselves and also give me glory? Do you not recall My life that was hard from the first moment of My birth? However, you believe that you have a right to everything, a right to be respected, to be heard, to be believed, but you do not then act in this way and you forget the rights of others. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Someone comes from Mass and has heard it with fervor and devotion and has given me glory, but arrives home and there is an annoyance and already arguments and differences of opinion begin, and everything that they have done beforehand is spoilt. It is not that the Mass that was well-heard is lost, only that you do not sanctify the whole day, and I desire from you My Catholics, My flock, that from the beginning of the day until the end all your moments might be holy, and if things do not turn out well for you, offer them to Me and they will be of use to Me, because it is very gratifying to receive from you such offerings of situations that hurt and displease you, and at least I will apply them to those who need them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Do you know even a little the suffering that Judas's betrayal caused me? How he sold me for a few coins that solved nothing for him. Do you know even a little the sharp bitterness that his despair and suicide caused Me? He knew me little, because he could not stand seeing himself as a traitor, nor could he believe in My mercy, he who had eaten and drunk with Me.

Do not sell me for wanting to be right in things that are not given to you, which at least are useful for you to offer me, because it is very easy to offer me a Rosary, an act of devotion because you like it, but I want you to offer me also humiliation, patience, bitterness, tribulation. Understand well, children! Also offer me also things that make you bitter, because I take them for the good of sinners, and you also profit in your soul as you make it comfortable with knowing how to remain balanced before Me both in well-being and contradiction. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.