St Michael is a Great Protector

By Do Whatever He Tells You

November 20, 2016

Jesus: My children, go to St Michael the Archangel and do not neglect his help. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You do not know well the immense power that St Michael the Archangel has against evil, and above all against the Evil One, who fears him. He is a powerful Archangel who defended God in the heavenly battle and now defends souls against satanic evil, but you must have devotion from him and go to him so that he might help you overcome every type of satanic evil. Love him tenderly, as the love you have for him does not detract from glory to God and the whole of Heaven is glad that you love this Holy Archangel and constantly invoke him. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Publish things about him, make novenas to him and bear his medal. St Michael is a great protector whom Heaven gives to you, and you, children, should avail yourself of his power and love for God in order to overcome the hellish evil that lies in wait for you so much in these times.

Satan cannot stand it when you invoke him, he cannot stand your having his image at home, he cannot stand your having devotion for him, because apart from the great envy that he has towards him, he hates him for the souls whom he snatches from him by the power that God has given against him. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

May there not be a Cenacle, an act of piety, a pilgrimage, a Rosary where he is not invoked, because, children, he overcomes the devil with all the ease in the world, since God Eternal has ordained it so. In Heaven, this Holy Archangel is much loved and acknowledged, because his mission continues being the defense of the Most High God, and therefore the demons, when you merely pronounce his name, flee in terror, given that they lost the celestial battle thanks to the courage and power which God gave to this Archangel at that moment, and He now continues to say, as always: 'Who is like God?' because for no one as much as for God is it worth fighting and passing through every sort of vicissitude, as long as his glory wins and so that his Holy Name is glorified. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.