Recent Messages

By Do Whatever He Tells You

March 20 and March 24, 2017

March 20, 2017

Children of God, paths of holiness are the daily fulfillment of your duty, whatever it may be, and if you also do it with immense love for God, then you will reach a high and sublime level of glory in Heaven. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

If everyone fulfilled their duties as God wishes in perfection, honesty, diligence, without fraud, without selfishness, trying not to always seek the best work for themselves, then the world would be a delight, because everyone would fulfill their mission without offending or wounding their companions or anyone. The leader must be a leader, but must know how to command and must respect the limitations and conditions of everyone, without abusing his authority nor being excessive in his orders. The servant must be a servant, obeying whether they understand or not, but fulfilling his mission with diligence and professionalism.

Do not murmur against one another, as you give the tongue much [material], and this is reprehensible. I do not like it that you criticize one another and, if you see at work someone who makes mistakes, make them see them with charity and kindness and do not humiliate them to the point that they are ashamed.

You all make mistakes, many only seen by Me - if you knew how many mistakes! You demand perfection from others, but you are very indulgent towards yourselves, as you exculpate yourselves from all the evil you do. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Be exemplary in all places where you go - the same in the Parish as at work, the same in the family as in the associations to which you belong. Be people of whom ill can never be spoken, because you are seen to be fulfilling your mission with good will and with real effort. It is easy for you to be good in your families because you are moved by the love you have for them, but then you are not the same in the neighborhood or in your places of work, where you are always trying to find fault with others, to reveal it to others and to highlight the professionalism or good reputation of those people with whom you find fault. And if this is for the laity who live in the world, it is much more so in monasteries, convents or seminaries where your example should be an exceptional sense of duty in devoting yourselves to the consecrated life. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.




March 24, 2017

My children, you who suffer tribulations, sufferings, injustices, you often complain and the temptation of discouragement knocks at your doors. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Look at Me, look at Me suffering in silence and without complaints all the suffering that those who crucified Me did to me. And the greater My silence, the more they wrestled with Me, because My meekness produced anger in them, My resignation also affected them, because they did not understand how I did not rebel against them and say all manner of expletives and insults against them. But My Father will not reward the intensity of suffering, but rather the way of overcoming and accepting it, because even the animals suffer, but accepting and offering suffering for the good of souls and of all Humanity, only those who love God do this. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I instructed you in My public life and taught you the beatitudes and forgiveness and love for enemies; but then children, I corroborated everything with My example and I demonstrated to you how to suffer for the love of God and souls in order to have merit and to give glory to God. And in case my example is not enough for you, look at My Mother humiliated before the Cross, also bearing insults, but accepting and uniting her pain to Mine, and in this way there was only a single pain. Yes, children, yes, We both suffered what you cannot imagine, and yet we did everything out of love for souls and our enemies, so that they would understand that God is Love and that He forgives unconditionally.

Many of those people who spat on us and attacked us with insulting and improper words later on in the course of time were martyrs for the cause of the Gospel, because the grace of God touched them and they understood that I really was the Messiah. Therefore, give an example of patience and meekness to those who hurt you, insult you, marginalize or reject you, because later on your example may be a means by which God may use to reconvert them. You spouses who argue over trifles without any importance, be patient with one another, mutually respecting each other and not trying to argue, because this is just what My adversary wants. Children, look at me crucified and look at My Mother at the foot of the Cross with her Immaculate Heart pierced with sorrow. May Her and My example be your models to imitate. My Father will work wonders in souls if you know how to endure suffering as we endured it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.