Here I Am, My Children, to Give You My Help

By Do Whatever He Tells You

April 1, 2017

Blessed are you, children of God. I am your Immaculate Mother Mary, and today I am addressing you in order to ask you to live the remaining days of Lent with the greatest fervor and discipline possible. I Mary Immaculate am speaking to you.

Children, My divine Son needs much prayer and many penances from hearts in a state of grace to be able to reconvert many sinners. Unite your trials or sufferings to the Cross of My holy and divine Son, as He will work in you with all His love to help many souls, many of them your relatives. I know that many of you suffer at seeing your children or spouses separated from God and paganizing Lent and Holy Week, but children, although you do not see it, prayer and sacrifice have much strength before My divine Son, and He does not allow a single tear of your pain to be lost, nor a single prayer made in the proper dispositions. I Mary Immaculate am speaking you.

Pray the Holy Rosary with fervor and reverence, do not do it in haste or without knowing what you are saying. Be fervent children, pray as I would, do not be bewildered people who do everything crazily and believe that thus they have already fulfilled their commitment. No one likes to be offered things that are ugly or in bad condition; similarly Heaven does not want your prayers to be fast and clumsy because you are in a hurry to watch television or to leave the Church in order to to have a beer. I am not criticizing this, I call you to be attentive to doing what you offer to God with the greatest possible reverence, for consider that you are addressing the highest authority, and this authority is divine. So, children, pray with delicacy, sensitivity, fervor and above all in a state of grace. Seek to live without sin, but if you fall, there you have the sacrament of Penance. And if a soul in mortal sin turns to Heaven and does so with true humility, Heaven hears and receives it; remember the parable of the publican and the Pharisee. (Lk 18: 9-14) I Mary Immaculate am speaking to you.

My son wishes that you approach Him in these days when the Passion and Redemption are commemorated. The suffering that He endured lasts forever and ever, because everything is present to Him, and if you approach Him and give Him adoration, respect and reverence, He feels comforted. But be humble in addressing Him, for if you draw near in pride, not only do you not comfort Him, but you lacerate him even more.

Here I am My children to give you My help; I intercede much for you and do not ignore any of your supplications - although it may seem that I do not hear them, it is not the case. Whoever approaches Me and prays to Me I do not ignore, but Heaven has its time that is not exactly yours. I Mary Immaculate am speaking to you and instructing you. May God's peace always be with you all.