How Good It Is to Sleep When You Have A Clear Conscience

By Do Whatever He Tells You

April 5, 2017

You children are harassed, harassed on all sides by satanic and perverse laws imposed upon you. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


But this has always happened, the leaders of this world have wanted to impose their criteria and have almost forced them to be complied with above My laws, but children, do not follow those perverse laws that they want to impose on you, and follow up with the divine laws that are holy and bring fruits of holiness to the world and society. God does not impose anything on you, he leaves you freedom, freedom to choose whether you fulfill them or not, but your happiness and that of this society is in fulfilling them, and the greater the love with which you fulfill them, the better everything in the world will function, because the wisdom of God has no human being to replace it, and He knows how to guide you not only to go to Eternal Life but to be happy in this life already. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


Children, how good it is to sleep when you have a clear conscience. When you do not steal, do not kill, judge or slander anyone, when you try to be honest and properly to fulfill your duties both professional and domestic, and yet, what chaos is it to skip over the Commandments of God that are true paths of holiness, which you have know from childhood must be fulfilled because the natural law has inscribed them in your hearts. Children, never was anyone happy who broke the law of God and wanted to impose their criteria totally opposed to My laws, and they ended their days badly.


If I am a Father and love you as a Father, you should trust that I want the best for you, and from the beginning I have wanted the best for all generations, and the best is to fulfill My Commandments and to teach this to your offspring and to people who professionally are under your care and responsibility. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


Respect one another in the same way whether you are ordinary citizens, politicians or high officials. Respect is for everyone and no one, whatever their position, has the right to impose on you laws that go against Me and to not respect your freedom. Resist, children, resist the satanic evil that, disguised under the name of "rights", puts poison into your soul and your lives, trying to give you an iniquitous, illusory and false happiness that only I, being infinite Kindness, I can give you. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you. Peace to everyone who, reading this message, believes it and put it into practice.