Go to My Mother So That She Might Help You

By Do Whatever He Tells You

April 19, 2017

Alleluia, children, alleluia!, because one more year you celebrate My Easter Resurrection and rejoice in it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


See that death no longer has dominion over Me and likewise will not have it over you if you die in Me and with the soul clean from mortal sins and grudges. Do not hold a grudge against anyone as this is an immense poison for your soul and can make you lose blissful eternity. Anyone who has something against their brother or sister, against their neighbor, no matter how much they have done to them, may they forgive them from the heart and not hold any grudges against them, and were it the case that they should meet them, speak to them, because I forgave My enemies and those who were cruel to Me from the Cross, and My Mother imitated me in everything. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


Children, do not play with your eternal salvation over some quarrels that have already passed, that are consequences of your human weakness, because many die with this poison in the soul and cannot enter Heaven, and if they stay in Purgatory its duration is immense, because you have to forgive and to do it from the heart. Remember My new Commandment that you love one another but as I have loved you (Jn 13:34), not in your way of loving, but Mine. Children, this is very important, and although I have said it many times, I will always have to remind you because there are many, many souls who do not forgive and who suffocate in their own pride, which is the worst attachment that they can have. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


Everyone who forgives the evil done to them has Me ready to forget their sins and to forgive them, because the one who knows how to forgive and forget is a soul that has understood My doctrine and that imitates Me and pleases me very much. Therefore, children, put this into your heads as I suggest: forgive, forgive, forgive, and if it costs you, go to My Holy Mother so that She may help you, or come to Me so that I may help you to undertake that forgiveness, as not granting it harms you more than anyone else.


Be holy in every respect. Be virtuous in everything, so that at the hour of death there might be nothing that prevents you from entering My Kingdom. Do not eternally carry this great evil that is resentment, because the same will choke you in your own vileness and lead you to total ruin. Children, you who read these messages, may you not slip, may you not read and put them away; put them into practice but do it now, do not delay this matter any longer. I, Jesus, am asking you and instructing you.