Recent Messages

By Do Whatever He Tells You

August 14 and August 30, 2017

August 14, 2017 [after a gap of several weeks] 



Children of My Divine Heart. I invite you once again to pray for each other and to do it constantly. There are souls very weak in virtue that will only be saved if you pray for them and offer sacrifices. It does not matter that you do not know them because everything you do for those souls who do not have enough merit to save themselves, I or My Holy Mother will apply to those most in need. There are countless souls in this situation and therefore a multitude of prayers and Masses are needed for this intention. I will take into account this great act of charity towards those whom you do not even know. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


It is necessary for your prayer to reach other geographical locations, where those souls are not taken into account and where no one knows or remembers them. I know that many of you pray for your relatives and close friends, but I ask you to do so for these souls so malnourished in terms of virtue and so close to the infernal precipice. They have not had the same fortune as you who have a Parish and sacraments within your reach. Pray, children, pray for those sinners who lead a life far from My truth and My laws and who in addition feel miserable.


Whatever you do for sinners, however insignificant, I will bless eternally. Present me to those souls whose life is a disaster of sin after sin, but who have not been fortunate enough to have those who would evangelize them adequately, and if they have, they have let it pass. While there is life there is hope and even at the last moment of existence a person can be saved if your fervent prayers reach them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


This also benefits you, as not knowing where your prayers are going or who they are reaching does not allow you to become conceited. Therefore, be as My Mother was as she prayed for the whole world in the secret of her Immaculate Heart. He who saves a soul also predisposes his own to salvation.


Live, children, live in a permanent state of grace and go assiduously to confession, because although you do not have mortal sins, you have venial sins and imperfections. The Sacrament of Penance strengthens you and increases your sanctifying grace if you receive it in the proper dispositions, with humility and purpose of amendment, and ask My Holy Spirit to guide you on the spiritual path to Eternal Life. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.



August 20, 2017 



Dear children of My Divine Heart. How many pains there are in the world that you yourselves know about, but you do not even know a quarter of them. Men and women suffer every one in their bodies and in their souls, that is why those who are freed from suffering need to give me thanks constantly because gratitude is a virtue that greatly pleases me. I myself wanted to suffer in order to appear more like you, and I did it in the extreme. I suffered in body and soul, so do not believe that I avoided suffering. That is why, when it happens that you to suffer for one reason or another - some more, others less - it grieves Me more than you think, because I know that suffering is something very strong, that those who have not suffered do not know the immense pain from which they have been free.


Go to the hospitals and see the floors full of sick people with very painful diseases. Also see your relatives, trying to help and relieve them. But those who know how to suffer by offering their pain and accepting it, these people reach a degree of very great virtue that they would not reach with sought penances. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.


Evil is at its full apogee. Hate, violence, abuse, corruption: nothing is respected by those who because of their mistaken ideas use violence to impose them. Satan seems to be winning but no, children, no, it will not be like that, Satan will end up losing all the power that he apparently now seems to have.


He wants to frighten you, discourage you, so that you lose faith, deny me, but you who see those scenes of pain and are moved by them, pray for these victims and their families, and do it with your heart. Go to My Holy Mother, consecrate yourselves to Her; Her most pure Heart and her mantle will protect you, and if suffering still comes to you, it will not be the same to suffer under her protection as if you do not go to Her. She waits for you with open arms, wanting to help you. Honor her with faith and devotion, honor her as she deserves, as you would do with your biological mother, and do not spare anything - neither prayers, nor devotions, Rosaries. She is very powerful in Heaven because I have wanted it so, therefore teach your little ones to love her and they will grow with this feeling of love and recognition towards Her.


Ask forgiveness from My Eternal Father for those persons who use violence as I asked from the Cross: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do (Lk. 23,34). This prayer is very pleasing to My Father because He sees Me reflected in it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.



August 30, 2017



Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart. I come to you not to ask you for things but in order that it might be you who ask them from Me. You know that because of being the Mother of God, He has wanted to give me great power, and whatever you ask of Me I wish to grant to you if it does not go against your holiness and divine glory.


Many of you lack faith, therefore it is the first thing you should ask of me: faith and grace, because the first thing you should ask of Heaven is spiritual goods, and having spiritual good things earthly ones will come in addition. I, Mary your Blessed Mother, am speaking to you.


Many of you have an intimate devotion to Me which pleases Me greatly, and I look at you with love and pleasure. Extend my devotion with prayers, novenas and writings to everything that you can. Ask the Holy Spirit to bless you and enlighten you in everything you do, for the glory of God. You do not always take the right steps, and sometimes the Evil one interferes in order to deceive you and make you postpone the good thing you had thought of doing. The Evil One can do so with you but cannot with the Holy Spirit because He is light and enlightens anyone who asks him to do so. I, Mary your Mother, am speaking to you.


Always be prepared for the final outcome of your lives, as you do not know when it will arrives. Everything is in God's present and He is the one who knows when the last moment of your existence will be. Not even those who are very or gravely sick know when that time will come, so you need to live prepared as if it were to come immediately.


Only by living in God's grace will you find the true peace and joy of being children of God and the burning desire to meet Him as soon as possible. In Heaven, My children, I wait and intercede for you. Commend your affairs to me, tell me your sorrows, ask for what you need for your sanctification and in order to live a worthy life on the human level as well. As the good Mother that I am, I wish to give you and cover your needs both spiritual and material, but children, do not be attached to anything of this world, or anyone, be wholly of God and put Him first in your life and in your desires and thoughts. Yes children, yes, Him first and everything else will be given to you in addition (Mt.6,33). I, Mary Most Holy, am speaking to you and I ask God's blessing for you.