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By Do Whatever He Tells You

December 15 and December 23, 2017

December 23, 2017
Children of God, many of you - and more so in these days of intimacy and meetings with friends and family - suffer for those families who are doing poorly because of illnesses, marital separations, absences and other things. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You pray and ask for help and I do not refuse to hear you - far from it -, but I know the circumstances and I know whether this help is appropriate or not, or appropriate later. Some of you think that you can do nothing and you feel helpless faced with so much pain. But children, what you can do, even if it is small, I accept and use in the cause that you want, because the widow with her offering also wanted to give more, yet gave what little she had (Lk 21 1-4). I accept everything and do not reject it, because I appreciate the intention with which you give it and all the love that you put from your hearts. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Sufferings borne well are a very great means of sanctification. Those whom they touch should accept them and offer them to me and not refuse them or be discouraged by what happens to them. The Evil One tries as always to sow tares in you, but children, do not follow this evil game: I am Goodness and Wisdom and I never want anything bad for you. Even if on the human level they may seem to you to be punishments, it is not so. While you are in this life not only do I not want to punish you but to help you to grow in merits. Therefore children, trust in Me and do not believe that I have turned my back on you.

If there are disasters in the world both of Nature and of other things, often this is indeed My hand of justice so that you would see that evil must be paid for in this life or in the other, and it is better that you pay in this one. Many souls are saved in these disasters because I do not deny them My grace, and many others reconvert and realize that their walk was not holy.

But do not try to judge God because you will never attain His greatness and His love no matter how much you are told. You would be unable to understand the extent to which I love you, even if an Angel told you. Already My Mother tells you things but you pass them by and take only what suits you, but you do not reconvert and you continue along the same lines of muttering, of your own negative criteria, of imprecise judgments and everything bad brought to you by My enemy and your unfaithfulness to grace. I, Jesus, am speaking to and instructing you. May My peace reach you in these days when you commemorate My Birth.



December 15 2017
Dear children of My Divine Heart. Many of you confuse true spirituality and true fervor. You think that if you feel sweetness, joy or much desire for Me, you are already on the right path, and conversely, when you are dry and feel nothing, that is when you believe that your faith is becoming obscured. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Nothing could be further [from the truth], children, nothing. Feelings have nothing to do with the will. It is your will to want to honor me, to want to accompany me, to want to be in My presence and so on, which makes your faith grow, and you honor me perfectly, because the sweetness or feelings that you sometimes feel are consolations or gifts that I I give to you, but you are not better because of this, it is simply that I sometimes give you these sweetnesses and at other times I leave you dry so that you might grow in faith and persevere in wanting to honor me, whether you feel it or not. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

There are saints who remained in darkness almost all their lives, but they served Me perfectly, and precisely because they were not seeking gifts or consolations in Me, what they did gave me much glory. Therefore, children, do not be discouraged when feelings are far from your soul; it is your will that counts for me, the rest are my gifts to stimulate you to go on, and I have already told you that sometimes I give them to you and at other times I hide them.

Persevere in Me and you will bear much fruit. Should they ridicule you, insult you, criticize you, may it matter nothing to you, you children who are firm in My love, and you will know the fruits in the other life, because in this one I will show you little of them, since it is not appropriate that vanity should feed on things spiritual, because then you would not bear fruit. He who abides in Me bears much fruit (Jn 15:5) because I work in him and I use him in order to operate. You are all My instruments, although some do more things than others - yet all are necessary, just as in a toolbox there are many pieces and some are very large and others insignificant, but all are necessary. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Do not underestimate the little you do for Me, as if you do it with immense love, you do not know what fruit it can give. Love and your willingness to serve me, united to Me, are what cause your actions to bear fruit, fruits that I hide from you so that you might serve Me in pure love and faith. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.