How little you know of the joys of the Holy Spirit!

By Do Whatever He Tells You

February 17, 2017

My children, I hear your prayers that reach My Heart and I am filled with pain at seeing how far you are going wrong. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You ask me for everything, absolutely everything but for the salvation of your souls. You ask me for work, health, success in examinations, and yes, all that is good and I do not reproach you for it, but who asks me for holiness, virtue or the salvation of souls? Only a few elderly women in the twilight of their lives, and many of them are not even properly confessed because they have sins from their youth attached to their souls that they have not confessed or repaired. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Children, how misguided you are regarding the ways of God. Christianity is being of Christ and imitating him, giving him glory and not asking for everything except holiness. What pain you give Me on seeing how you are going astray and in error, and the worst thing is that you educate your children and put the spirit of the world in them as you want everything but sacrifice and effort. Seek, children, seek the Kingdom of God, seek to do My holy will and everything else will be given to you (Mt 6,33). But first you seek the assurance of your well-being, that your pay is not lacking, that you do not lack health, do not lack happiness, the completely deceitful happiness of the world: how little you know of the joys of the Holy Spirit! Because if you knew, you would ask again and again to be given the Holy Spirit for the good of your souls and your families. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You have children and you ask for them that they might find their place, that they would be fortunate in life, that they would have social recognition, and it is not that that this seems bad to Me, no, but almost nobody asks Me that they would be honest, that they would be true Christians and for the increase of the faith of which many of you and your children have a minimum, sub-zero, and which you can lose from one moment to another.

You consent to it that your children no longer marry. They join together and all seems well and you give your assent to it. But children, what is happening to you? I will ask you to account for everything, and there are sins of omission, of which you have very many and which you do not confess. Therefore, analyze yourselves inwardly and see whether you are living according to My laws and according to the doctrine that I brought you, because if not, you are not well-directed and can be eternally lost. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.