You need to be spiritual souls and praise God

By Do Whatever He Tells You

June 10, 2017

Children of God, praising God is very important for you to do because the whole Holy Trinity is being very much blasphemed, even by children. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You should propose acts of praise and blessings towards God. Reparation is good and necessary but praise too, and if you put repair and praise together it is better still. You need to compensate for all the hatred and ingratitude of so many souls who hate Us (the Most Holy Trinity) without any reason and without any knowledge of what We Are. If your biological mother or your children or family members were insulted, it would hurt you greatly and irritate you, especially if they are good. Well, We in Heaven want reparation and praise for all that We are receiving that is the fruit of the demonic suggestions that have taken hold of so many souls. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Whoever does not live the life of the spirit and only lives that of the world, will not grow in virtue, because the spirit is what receives God's grace, and this is what transforms people's being. You should be spiritual souls, souls of prayer and praise to God, because the Evil one has already taken it upon himself to sow tares in you and to make your standards a sea of ​​ingratitudes, indifference and in many cases blasphemies.

Normally people do not blaspheme against gods who are unknown to them or who are known not to exist, but they do blaspheme against the Most Holy Trinity or against the Virgin, the Angels and the saints, and that is a very serious sin of persons who belong - without even knowing it - to Satan. Therefore, children, be consistent and make yourselves more spiritual. Bless God, praise Him constantly. How easy it is to go down the street saying praises to God! This irritates the Evil One and drives him away from you. Never say blasphemies or anything negative about the Most Holy Trinity in front of children, because this is recorded by the little ones, and although they do not know how to discern the malice of these sins they imitate them and believe that if their parents say them it is not something wrong. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Be therefore people with a restrained and prudent tongue; do not turn against those one day will judge you. Try to speak with moderation and purity in your conversations, without attacking or insulting anyone, but much less so the Most Holy God, because nothing escapes God and he holds everything in his present that is eternal. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.