It would please Me more...

By Do Whatever He Tells You

May 7, 2017



Children of God, be aware that you have a soul to save and that no one will save it for you; it is your task, and although the grace of God will not fail you, you must strive to do everything on your side. I, Mary Most Holy, am speaking to you.

Do not speak so negatively that you spend your life criticizing and murmuring about everyone, children, including your relatives; even your thoughts are the source for you of unfavorable criteria regarding this or that person, and with this you are lacking in charity. You must also confess those negative things that you think about this or that person, because you are not perfect and also have far to travel in order to reach perfection.

Do not be negative when talking, neither when it is cold nor when it is hot. Do not complain so much about the weather, fatigue, rulers, bosses, teachers. Be more charitable souls and more like Jesus who loved everyone alike, and if he did have to admonish someone, he did it for their good and sometimes in public in order to show that such souls were not to be imitated. I, Mary Most Holy am speaking to you.

We are in the month that you have dedicated to me and you offer me novenas, songs and flowers. I am pleased that you do so but it would please me more if the flowers that you offer me were [those of] making a greater effort to improve yourselves, to restrain your tongue, to speak more positively rather than negatively, because you make trouble in everything with your negativity and you influence those who listen to you . And this I say also for those people who lead a life of piety, but then stumble regarding the same things as those who do not.

Children, you should do more to edify those who know you and with whom you live, because if they see you who lead a life of piety with so much imperfection, not only do you not transmit faith but you cancel it out it in those in whom it is weak. Children, be therefore souls that edify, souls that are seen and God is praised; it is not enough to lead a life of piety, you need to be consistent with that life at all times, inside and outside Church, and thus you will honor your Heavenly Father who sees everything and is constantly looking at you. I, Mary Most Holy, am speaking to and instructing you.