What I ask of you are things that are within your reach

By Do Whatever He Tells You

May 25, 2017

Beloved children of My Divine Heart, you must strive harder to live a life full of sacrifices and renunciations of the world, because your time is passing and you are not making sufficient merits for the Kingdom of Heaven. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Do not waste time as you do on television programs that not only do you no good, but poison your judgment and mind. Be people of discipline and lovers of the good, both in public and alone, because you are all beneath My gaze and I see everything.

The good that is done in this life will be forever and you will reap good equally. But if you sow nothing good, you shall reap nothing good. You want your children and family to be people of honesty and holy standards, but you must be the first to set an example and live according to My precepts, fulfilling them as I demand, because, children, My desire is that you should all be saved and that we should see each other in Eternal Life.

Many of you can hear the Holy Mass daily and know that the Mass is an act of infinite value. The Mass benefits many souls: not only you, but many other souls who need to be offered things, including the souls of Purgatory. If a banknote of yours were of infinite value and never ran out, would not you give it to everyone and much more so to the needy?

The Holy Mass has infinite value and its value never ends; therefore, to hear it and offer it for souls and for all Humanity is a very great good that you can do. But children, when you come to Communion, do it in the proper dispositions and with the corresponding respect, because many women are wearing unseemly clothes and many people are speaking in Church more than [just] waiting for the ceremony; therefore, be aware that you are in a sacred place and that you are going to receive God, and that if you do not do it as it ought to be [done], it serves you more for sin than for anything good. I, Jesus, am speaking to you. Be careful with the communions that you make and that are of no value for Me! Satan takes them.

The more and better you practice the sacraments, the more you will desire them because you will need them more, but if you go to Mass and are bored and are wanting it to end, without immersing yourself in the Holy Mystery that it is, then, children, it is as if you have slipped, and it will be of no use to you. So take heart and prepare to grow in virtue. What I ask of you are things that are within your reach and you must offer them to me with love and freedom, never being forced to do so. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.