Recent Messages

By Do Whatever He Tells You

October 2 and October 14, 2017

OCTOBER 14, 2017

Blessed children of God, many of you carry an immense suffering at the situation of the Church, of the Nation* and of society itself, and I say to you that the suffering produced in you by the fact that there is so much disorder, discord and so much chaos, is not lost in the eyes of God, and He takes it and applies it to groups and souls that are on the point of being eternally lost. I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to you.

In every century God has chosen people who, suffering over the disorders of society and the Nation have applied their sufferings to it, and although they do not know it, their tears and tribulation helped the divine plans greatly because they suffered from the heart, without any interest for themselves and with the immense desire to help the chaotic situations that they were or are living through. This is a grace that God gives you, and you are souls chosen to help with the well-being and peace of society and the Nation. Do not complain with words of sadness or judge anyone, simply suffer in silence before the divine gaze and offer up all the anguish that these forms of disorder produce in you. I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to you.

Invoke often the Blessed Virgin as Captain and Victorious in many battles. Be Her fervent devotees and offer her novenas, Rosaries and sacrifices. She is the administrator of Heaven and everything is presented to God with Her immaculate hands, and God applies it to the most urgent needs existing in these disorders. Children, do not be discouraged; suffering is a coin of great value and is as necessary for souls as prayer; therefore, be generous and offer it to God, do not evade it, do not renounce it when it comes, simply accept it and offer it to God for the good of the whole of Humanity. And if this I say to you the laity, much more do I make it known to you the priests, because your power before God in Heaven is immense if in this life you know how to be other "christs" who accept the cross, persecution and everything by which you are attacked. I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to you.

The whole of Heaven, Angels and the blessed are with you, with all those who suffer over disorder, apostasy, idolatry and all things that are not of God, because today power and money have replaced God and so it goes with you. Children, do not set your heart on earthly and outward things; may your gaze be turned upward toward heavenly things, and may your works be consistent with God and all His Magisterium and Gospel. I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to and instructing you.

[* In the case of the recipient of these messages, Spain]



OCTOBER 2, 2017

Children of God, just a few days ago you celebrated my day and many of you have turned to honor me by making novenas, triduums etc. Such devotion that you have professed towards me and the other Archangels Raphael and Gabriel has filled me with joy. But my day is past and you have already forgotten me, when I wish to help you every day of the year and the same with the other Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. I, Michael the Archangel, am speaking to you.

Today you celebrate the day of your Guardian Angel and there are very few of you Christians who entrust yourselves to them. They are there to safeguard you from dangers and help you on your journey towards Eternal Life, but many ignore them, whereas their mission is precisely to protect you from the Evil One and to help you at all times. You must believe that this is their mission, because if you do not believe it, you will not make use of them.

Teach the little ones that their holy Angel Guardian cares for them and protects them. Jesus declared it and left it revealed to us (Mt 18,10). It is therefore a doctrine of the Gospel and of the Magisterium of the Church, it is not a fairy tale, it is not an invention, it is a reality of the divine plans concerning creatures. Therefore, children of God, be consistent with the elements of your Catholic faith, believe what has been revealed and put it into practice. If you are told something that is true and you do not believe it, or even when believing it you ignore it, you do not benefit from that truth of your faith. I, Michael the Archangel, am speaking to you.

We have existed for thousands of centuries and you are still very lax in believing in our existence, and even those of you who believe in it do not address to us the Angels and Archangels everything that you should, because God has provided many means for your journey, as He knows that your path to eternal salvation is full of dangers and obstacles that many of you will not overcome by your own strength, and hence you need to address and pray to your holy Guardian Angels and all the saints in Heaven, especially the Blessed Virgin; this gives glory to God because He desires it to be so. It does not take away any glory from Him (as some believe) - quite the contrary, if God has so arranged it thus, it is because He wants to give you every type of means and options to approach Him better, even through mediators. Yes, children of God, yes, this is how it is. I, Michael the Archangel, Celestial Prince, am speaking to and informing you. Blessed and praised be the Most High, thrice-holy God.