Recent Messages

By Do Whatever He Tells You

October 20 and October 27, 2017

OCTOBER 27, 2017

Children of God, I am communicating with you again and I want you to put everything you are told into practice. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
Today I want to talk about the great value that is the Sacrament of Penance. Many of you do not value it for what is worth, but through a single well-made confession many souls have been saved eternally; understand well the power and the value that this sacrament has when it is done in the proper dispositions, which unfortunately not all of you do as should be done.

Begin with the most shameful and most serious sins; if you leave them for the end you may forget and may also avoid them - therefore, children, start by going to confession, first confessing everything that causes you the most shame. It is good that you go with shame to the confessional, a sign that you know how to see the wrong you did and the repentance that it causes you. As soon as you leave the confessional and after having made a good confession, the priest no longer remembers or thinks of what you have said. Be very, very sincere, and concerning some sin where you have doubts as to whether it is mortal or not, confess it as well, so that this doubt will not bother you the rest of your days. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

There is nothing that the enemy of souls abhors more than your going to confess. He takes away the shame of sinning but gives it to you regarding confessing the sins committed. He wants you never to confess, and thus he has you well trapped, because an unconfessed sin brings another and another and you are leaving it to confess later, and death may surprise many in that state of sin that can take you eternally to the infernal abyss.

I gave you this sacrament for your peace, for those who have scruples of conscience, because when the confessor tells you to go in peace, that God has forgiven you, that is what happens. I forgive you and I use the confessor for it. But I insist, do not leave out a single sin to be confessed, and if you forget one confess it later, but make sure that you do not forget mortal sins, and if you have to take them written on a piece of paper, take them, because you must make a good confession so that come out clean of dirt and so that there might increase in you the sanctifying grace that increases in every sacrament including this one. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Before confessing, invoke the Holy Spirit and also ask for the confessor the light of the Holy Spirit, and also ask for help from your Holy Mother Mary, refuge of sinners, consolation of the afflicted, and also from Saint Joseph whose goodness and power in Heaven are immense. But, children, do not make a bad confession because, apart from the fact that it will have no worth for you, you will increase the evil of your soul by a sacrilege. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and informing you.


OCTOBER 20, 2017

My little children, what father if he is good abandons his children in tribulation, in the days of trial or in sickness? You know - and many of you are parents - that a good father or mother does not neglect their children's problems, rather, they overcome them together with them and encourage them not to succumb to pessimism. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You who are evil know how to help your children at all times (Lk 11, 13-15), I, My children, who am kindness itself, will I not know how to help you in your days of trial? Do you believe that I am an ogre or a tyrant? More than your good parents I desire good for you and I, being Almighty, can give it to you. Therefore children, believe that I can and that I also want it. In return I ask you for faith: trust in Me, in My Holy Mother, in St Joseph, and in all the saints you invoke, because We hear your groans and lamentations and we know very well what you are suffering. And you, children of God, you must believe in Our goodness, in Our love and mercy and not be tortured by your situation, because I will never give you what is greater than your strength, and even so, you will not lack My grace to overcome it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

It is you who create the problem with your earthly criteria that have nothing to do with those of Heaven. You, children, want to do things your way and you want to tie my hands so that things come out as you want and not as I wish. I want your good and holiness more and better than you do, but that you do not want to understand this, because you think that if everything goes well in terms of earthly things it means that I love you very much, but if those plans do not work out for you, you think that I have forgotten you.

Oh children! What patience is mine. You do not understand anything at all, you do not know how to value it when I, Jesus, the Redeemer, visit you with the cross, and I put it on your shoulders as I carried it, so that just like Me, and so that you might resemble Me more before me in the sight of My Eternal Father, you might be other "christs" on Earth. Whoever holds fast in the test in faith, in My love, in availability for My divine plans, that person gives Me a glory that not even they can measure in this life. So children, believe in Me at all times, in tribulation and in well-being, and remain in My love (Jn 15: 9-11) so that you might bear much fruit. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.