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By Do Whatever He Tells You

November 10 and November 17, 2017

November 17, 2017


Dear children of the Sacred Hearts, I am the Archangel Michael who am speaking to you, and I ask you to take very seriously what I am going to tell you.

This planet is full of evil spirits on all sides, and you have them very close to you even if you do not see them. Their harmful temptations influence many of you and make you fight with your spouses, children or parents, and you go along with their game, which is what they want, because they desire nothing more than to divide, divide and divide.

I am the Archangel charged with fighting against them and that is why you should invoke me often, including having an image of me in your homes if you can. They fear me because I already won - with the power of God - the battle with them that took place in Heaven when they rebelled against God the Creator. Now they know that God has not taken away from me the power to overcome them, but it is necessary that you invoke me and firmly believe that I can free you from the evil they do, because all they do is break, divide, tempt and make young people fall into vices and in obscenities that so displease God.

You should say the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel every day, because it is powerful and is full of graces for those who call upon me and ask for my help through that prayer. I want nothing more than to help you in the battles against evil and the Evil One. The Blessed Virgin is very happy when through me you defeat the devil and all his snares.

The devil cannot wish any good for anyone, not even for himself, because he is confirmed in evil for all eternity. There is no turning back, his evil is for all eternity and even if he were offered something good he cannot change because he is confirmed in evil and will live that way forever. He does not enjoy evil, but that is the life he chose, when he could have chosen like other Angels to be faithful and obedient to God. They did not want to submit to the divine norms and the consequences were disastrous for all eternity. But you, children of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, can indeed choose the holy and direct path that will take you to blissful eternity, and you must begin now, first making a good confession, throwing out all the ballast that you have accumulated since years ago and which you do not want to acknowledge or remember.

Children of God, make a good examination of conscience and confess as soon as possible, because God has His time and you do not know until when He will keep you alive on this planet. I, Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Heavenly Host, am speaking to you and warning you.



November 15, 2017


Children of God, all creatures aspire to being with their parents in this life because they know that their love for them is unique, and even if they are not good children, they know that their parents love them and care for them and excuse even their mistakes. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Well, children, you must also aspire to live in the Heavenly Homeland with your Heavenly Father who created you, with your Brother who redeemed you and with the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you and guides you towards eternal paths. You should aspire to live with your Heavenly Mother, so sweet and so holy, who loves you to a point that your mind cannot even imagine. But no, you live in this life only for your tastes, to have a good time, to possess goods that amuse you, and you do not propose yourselves any kind of discipline, and in this way, children, you will not reach the Heavenly Homeland where the joy and happiness that exist there are unimaginable for human beings. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You bring up your children in resentment towards others, in the desire and concern to possess things, you bring them up with pagan customs and undisciplined attitudes, and then in adulthood many of these attitudes will create problems for them both at work and in the families that they form. But children, is it that you have lost the sense of good? Because you only think of yourselves and of possessing things and practising all kinds of vices, while a whole God redeemed you and you do not take it into account at all.

I already know that you lack faith, but you do not make the slightest effort to obtain it. You do not look for it either in books, in acts in the parish, or in priests, or in anything. And then you think that as I Am Love I will save you just like that, because that is why I died for you. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I say to you children, I tell you for the umpteenth time, that if you do not make amends, death may surprise many of you in a state of sin and condemn you for all eternity. You can never come out of Hell again, and there the torments are also unimaginable, because there are all kinds of sinners, each most horrible than the next, and all kinds of demons whose greatest pleasure is to torment them. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.



NOVEMBER 10, 2017


Dearly beloved children in the Lord, I am your dear Mother, the one who constantly intercedes for you in Heaven before the Throne of the Most Holy Trinity.

Today I want to remind you of something that My Son already told you in his passage through this world: Give to God what belongs to God and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar (Lk 20, 25). Well, children, many of you do not fulfill this command and you should do so. You are spiritual people and you practise the sacraments, but then many of you evade taxes or cheat in company documents in order to pay less. Why? Does not My Son provide you with everything you need? He also said to you: Seek the Kingdom of God and everything else will be given to you in addition (Mt 6, 33), but you cheat in business in order to pay fewer taxes and that displeases My Son, because you do not trust Him to always provide you with what is necessary for you to live a life of honesty and holiness. I, Mary, your Mother, am speaking to you.

If you give to God what is God's - and it is worship that corresponds to Him -, He will also oblige by giving you what corresponds to Caesar, in this case to you. Do not do any kind of fraud no matter how much you can do it without being discovered, because it is God who is going to judge you and nothing you do wrong will be left without judgment and without punishment.

You must be very, very honest and also not force anyone to defraud by evading taxes. Children, what a petty conscience you have! And on top of that you think you are very clever and good besides. Do not steal in any way, because many of you say that governments also steal from you and you have to put up with it. I have already told you that God will ask everyone to account for even the most insignificant thing that you have done, and on top of that many of you teach your children to cheat in paperwork and in business. No children, no, be honest as My husband Joseph was and as My Son was at all times, he who did not allow the House of His Father, the Holy Temple, to become a den of thieves (Mt 21,13). I, Mary Most Holy, your Mother, am speaking to you and instructing you.