Pray Christians, pray for sinners

By Do Whatever He Tells You

September 5, 2017

Blessed is the one who, living a life of union with God, arrives at the end of it and is saved. I, the Divine Spirit, am speaking to you.

There is no greater misery - not even all the miseries joined together - than when a soul at the end of its life dies with its back turned to God, because its life has been a disaster, a pile of sins and in the final instant, not trusting in the mercy of God, it does not want to ask for forgiveness or repent. I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to you.

Pray, Christians, pray for sinners and especially for the dying who are on the point of rendering their soul, and many, many of them are not prepared and do not want to be.  Their hardness of heart, their life of lukewarmness and dissipation, have brought them to the end of their existence with their soul rotted by sin, but even so, children of God, while there is life, even if it is only a breath, there is hope, because the mercy of God exceeds all your sins, and if you repent and acknowledge while you live that you are sinners, unworthy to be children of God, and accept His mercy with humility and repentance, He will also welcome you out of the desire that He has that all souls would be saved.

Therefore Catholics, Christians, everyone, pray for sinners to convert, that God would touch them with His grace and that they would be faithful to the latter. Many of the sinners are your family members, even many of you who read these messages are hardened sinners and do not want to change your lives even though I myself touch you so that you might do so and provide the circumstances.

Nothing is more painful or more terrible than being eternally lost, because Hell has no end, it is eternal and from there you cannot get out. Not so Purgatory which you indeed leave and where relief can be received with suffrages and sacrifices, and above all, by offering the Holy Mass for the deceased, but for those who condemn themselves and do so of their own free will, their misery will have no end. What a great pain for the Holy Trinity! - to see that the Most Precious Blood of the Lamb of God was worth nothing for so many souls. I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to you.

Children of God, I also often speak inside you and you turn a deaf ear, apart from the fact that the Evil one sows tares in you of evil, of such illogical logic, deception or error. Do not listen to his voice, be as the Holy Virgin and blessed Saint Joseph were - obedient to the voice of God and diligent to fulfill His will at all times. I, the Spirit of God, am speaking to you and instructing you. The peace of the Most Holy Trinity be with you all.