Recent Messages

By Do Whatever He Tells You

January 23 and February 24, 2018

January 23, 2018
Children of My Divine Heart, again I am addressing you with all the love that you produce in Me and with the immense desire that each day you would be more united to Me. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Many of you complain that you have spent time praying to me and asking for things and I do not grant them to you. But children, you pray in a way that a robot would do better. You do not think of the words you speak, you are distracted by earthly thoughts, you are not aware that you are addressing My Majesty, you pray quickly without any fervor and what is worse, without faith, so I cannot grant you anything. If you do not pray from the heart, those prayers do not reach Me, they stay halfway or are taken away by My mortal enemy. You want the conversion of your relatives but you want me to do it without your even moving a finger. No children, no, you have to collaborate with God and do what is up to you, I will supply you with what you do not attain. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

With what faith My Mother said at the wedding at Cana "Do what He tells you" (Jn 2,5)! She was sure that I would listen to her and grant her what she asked of Me. But you are like rusty machines, praying without meditating, without any feeling and with an exasperating routine.

Therefore children, change your dispositions in everything, in Communion, in hearing the Holy Mass, in praying the Rosary. I know that many times you are tired, I grant you that, but you are not always tired; I however do get tired of the mediocre and routine prayers that you offer Me. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You want to handle me at your convenience and you think that because you recite a Rosary, when you pray it I will grant you what you ask of Me. Not even you would give in to those who want to manipulate you and in asking for things almost impose them. I am the one who commands and you who have to serve me, and the fact that I love you madly does not mean that I give in to your requests, because then I become as mediocre as you and this cannot be. I prayed to My Eternal Father and finished My prayers saying: Father, but not My will be done but Thine (Lk 22,42). And you want that your will be done as soon as possible, and that is not how it is.

Therefore children, change your dispositions in acts of piety, or else you will find yourself going years without getting what you ask because you pray badly. I have already told you several times that before making any prayer or act of piety you should invoke My Holy Spirit, but very few do it. Children, do not be discouraged by this message, everything I say is for your good and moved by My great love towards your souls. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.


January 29, 2018
Children of God, many of you comment and with reason what the years and the time are racing by. One year passes and another and another, and it gives the sensation that time is not moving, but you see what happens over months and years. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

However, you live as if you would be eternal in this life. Do not you think that in a moment your fortunes may change and convert you into corpses, and are your souls prepared? Do not think that My mercy, which is eternal and infinite, will do everything for you. I will apply it to you if you play your part, and what is your part is to confess all, all your sins and make a purpose of amendment not to sin again. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You are Christians who leave much to be desired. You censure, criticize, always make negative comments, but few pray for sinners and for those souls who are on the road to perdition. Pray, children, pray for them, because if you are merciful with souls that you do not even know, how much more will I be with you. How tolerant and forgiving you are with yourselves! But how aggressive and intransigent you are with people who live in public sin, or who do things against your faith, and you do not know how to forgive them. Ask me for them, for those people who are so wrong about My doctrine. Ask me for the Holy Father so that he might guide you according to My criteria. Ask me for your bishops, pastors, priests, monks and for all the souls who by their state should be very holy and are not, neither setting an example.
I love the sinner as well as the saint, but I need your prayers the same for some as for others. For the sinner to convert, for the saint to remain so? And in one of these categories of people are you who maybe think yourselves very righteous and yet are not. So I remind you: I want mercy and not sacrifices (Hosea 6, 6), because the one who is merciful will attain My mercy (Mt 5, 7) and well you need it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you. My peace to everyone who believes in Me and imitates Me in all respects.


February 7, 2018

My children, I see that you often send prayers both of My Mother and of Me or other saints through social networks. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

All this very good even if many of you are not accustomed to fulfilling them, and I do not blame you. But think that there is nothing that gives Me more glory and that obtains more graces for you, than a Eucharist heard in the proper dispositions, that is, without a speck of sin, because there are enough Catholics who commune improperly and do not confess, and although you can deceive the Priest who is celebrating, you cannot deceive Me, My children. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Do not believe that no matter how much you commune, you have won Heaven. A single Communion made in the proper dispositions of faith and love and with a conscience free of sins can make you gain Heaven if you die at that moment, but there are communions that dishonor Me more than they honor Me.

I tell you for the umpteenth time, take communion as My Holy Mother would do, with fervor, with faith, with immense love, feeling unworthy to receive me, and above all, with a soul cleansed from sins. And you children, with Communion still in your mouth (not yet consumed), many of you are already attacking or criticizing one another, and this displeases Me greatly and takes away many graces that you could receive if you were to receive communion as I commanded. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Ask for help from your Holy Guardian Angel, My Holy Mother, St Joseph and St Michael the Archangel. If not all of them, choose the one you like the most or which suits you, but do not come to receive me in the way that you do and with the highly disrespectful clothes that you wear in the summer. If the priests are silent I am not silent, and I tell you, woe to the one who communes badly and does not correct themselves! Therefore, children, be aware of whom you are going to receive, the Judge of the living and the dead, your Redeemer, the Son of God, Father and Son of Mary Most Holy. I, Jesus, am speaking to you

Then you spend time in prayers that you do not say in proper conditions, because many say them with the television on, without keeping the necessary silence or composure. It is not that these prayers are bad - they are good, but you make them very unworthy of Heaven because you do not have any fervor and only want to obtain the promises that they carry. Therefore children, correct everything. Intend to be like My Mother and St Joseph were and would be in your time, and do not set a bad example to those who see you, because I will ask you to account for absolutely everything. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and warning you.


February 9, 2018

Beloved children of My Divine Heart, many of you pray and pray and pray constantly for your relatives and for your tangled situations, and it gives you the sensation that Heaven does not listen to you. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

But this is not how it is, children, this is not how it is. Heaven always listens, even though you do not deserve to be heard. But Heaven knows the opportune moment to grant you what you ask, although you want everything to be as soon as possible. Making you wait is for your own good and not in order to punish you. Sometimes the impotence you feel is more fruitful than the prayers themselves, because that impotence makes you humble, patient, and makes you accept My will at all costs. Look at Me, My children, look at me crucified on the Cross, nailed by my hands and feet. How helpless I was in those moments! What pain was that of My Holy Mother and that of My friends! And yet, it was in those moments when I was most diminished that My helplessness was most profitable because I was doing the work of Redemption, a universal work for all the ages and one that no one will ever do or be able to do, because I have already done it before My Heavenly Father and it will be valid for all the centuries that Humanity lasts. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

The impotence of a soul is not always sterile - no, children, no, I value everything. I appreciate how you accept what I arrange, I value your humility and patience in knowing how to wait, I value your perseverance in continuing to ask me for what you want - which most of the time is the conversion of your family members. I value everything, children, because your attitudes towards My will are important, and it is not the same to accept a situation with a bad mood, refusing or complaining, as doing it with meekness and telling me at all times "yet not my will be done, Lord, but Yours" (Lk 22,42). I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Do not be in a hurry, have perseverance in what you ask and also offer besides prayers, sacrifices, because prayer and penance are two wings that will raise your requests more quickly to Heaven. And if still we delay in granting you what you ask, keep on having faith and perseverance, because nobody like Heaven knows what is best for you in order that what you ask would be fruitful and for the greater glory of God. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Never forget that no one loves you as I do, because what My mortal enemy wants is to sow the weeds of discouragement in you, to make you believe that I do not love you, that I do not hear you, that I ignore you, and no, children, no, nothing could be further from the truth, My love is infinite and eternal and not for one moment do I stop loving you, even though you have been or are great sinners. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you. My peace to all you who read these messages.


February 18, 2018

My children, you are living in Lent and for many it is the same as if you were living a holiday. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

There is no reconversion, there is no effort to sacrifice a little, you neither pray nor make penance, because the only thing you think of is the free days that you are given during Holy Week to go on a pleasure trip and completely forget about the divine mysteries. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Many of you crucify Me with these attitudes because you know My doctrine, My miracles and My Resurrection, but even so you pass Me by and ignore Me every day. And tell me? What should I do with you? ... Then you ask me for graces and I hold them back and you do not understand, you want to have me at your convenience as a servant who serves you according to your wishes, but without giving me any recognition, none!

All this also afflicts My Holy Mother who sees you going straight down the path of perdition, and worst of all, that is how you educate your children, in this total apostasy of not speaking to them of Me or of My mysteries, not even of My existence. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

The one who does not want anything to do with God in this life will not have it in the other either. Therefore, children, reconsider your actions devoid of spirituality, some of them even animalized, because you only live for pleasure, vice, food or drink, and reflect that the path you have chosen leads you directly and is a shortcut to the infernal abyss. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

It does not please Me to speak to you in such a hard way, but if I did not do so then you would reproach me that no one warned you of what was waiting for you, therefore see that I am warning you Myself and that My Holy Mother is doing so in her many apparitions that occur throughout the world, and Most of those who know them do not pay any attention either, because you are immersed in such a dynamic of pleasure and relaxation that even if one of your deceased loved ones would appear to you, you would not pay any attention either.

Therefore, children, change your lives; My grace will not be lacking, but you must have the will and the desire to want to change. I know it will cost you but not as much as you think, because it is the same as when you start learning to drive or ride a bicycle: it gives the sensation that you will never be able to master the car, and yet, in a short time some of you turn out to be good drivers. It is the same in the spiritual life: it will cost you at the beginning, but little by little you will be taking up the good habits that you propose, and apart from the fact that My grace will not be lacking, you will become used to them and each time it will cost you less to fulfill them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.


February 24, 2018
Children of My Divine Heart, I ask you for prayers and sacrifices for many souls who are helpless, who are very discouraged by their economic, family and professional situations, and you should help them even if you do not know them and they are on the other side of the Planet. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Children, offer everything united to the merits of My Holy Mother, of Saint Joseph and of those who are Mine, because in this way everything that you offer to help so many souls will be worth much with our merits.

Try to do so in a state of grace. If you ask Me for things for souls and yours is tainted, first clean your houses and then devote yourselves to others. Children, if you knew the suffering that there is in so many, many souls, you could not resist it. Evil has taken so much ground that neither children nor parents respect one another, husbands deceive their wives seeking a happiness that they do not find in their homes, and even priests are in the situation of abandoning their ministry because they are also living their calvary in many dioceses, being misunderstood by the bishops and criticized by the parishioners.

But here I am, children, willing to take everything you offer Me for so many people who suffer and many of whom are from your own families. Do not lose faith: I do not withdraw or abandon you, I only make you wait, but I hear you and it pleases me greatly when you turn to Me asking for help. I know, My children, that without Me you can do nothing (Jn 15,5), but I desire your collaboration for a greater crown for you and so that you would understand that you have to do things with God and unite with His will, offering me yours. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

In every epoch there has been and will be evil, but in this one evil is reigning freely because no one is praying to overcome it, nobody prays for anyone, all that is left is domestic commodities, having comfortable homes and watching television without anyone bothering you. You do not want to hear these things, much less to know that they exist, - yes, children, yes - , you have to collaborate with the only thing you can do now, prayer and sacrifice. Now Holy Week is coming and many are going on journeys and returning full of sins. Without thinking even for a moment about My Passion, without hearing Mass or attending the offices, they receive communion (if they attend) in mortal sin. How much joy you give to My adversary with your sinful attitudes! And how much pain to My Holy Mother for your way of being! Therefore, children, take this message very seriously, as I am not asking for impossible or even costly things, and the first to benefit from them will be you and your families. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.