Faithfulness in your Spiritual Plan

By Do Whatever He Tells You

March 3, 2018

Dear children of My Divine Heart, once more I communicate with you and I do it as always with immense love. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You must not forget or postpone your duties towards Me. Sometimes you put your personal matters before Mine, yet it pleases Me very much that you give to me what you have committed to give me without putting it off. One day you may be feeling unwell, but one day [passes], and another, and another, that you do not give Me what corresponds to Me; apathy enters into you and you become cold and you end up in terrible and malicious lukewarmness. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I know that there is bad weather, snow, rain, wind, but you do not stop going to work because of bad weather because that would cost you some sanction, either economic or disciplinary, so children, you do not put me on the same level as money , because if you do not stop working in order not to lose money, and you also do not do so in order not to make a bad impression - and I understand that it is an obligation that you must fulfill -, I wait impatiently for what you have proposed to give me, and for some days it does not come, and this grieves Me, because each person has to fight against evil as they are able: some with prayers, others with sacrifices, others with faithfulness to Me in their commitments, others with the duties of their state etc. Yes, children, yes, do not stop giving me what you have proposed, because although I am God and I need nothing from creatures, I like it that they honor Me and do not forget Me, and I also apply what You give me to souls that suffer and that are on the way to perdition. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Faithfulness in your spiritual plan is very beneficial not only for you but for other souls, sometimes for someone who is dying whose indecision may cause them to be eternally lost. Children, be responsible in everything, in work, in the family, in your spiritual plans, in everything, because it pleases Me that you are consistent with Me and fulfill your offerings every day, not when it suits you. This perseverance in being good at fulfillment helps you first of all and protects you from the mortal enemy of souls, as what he most wants is that you stop praying the Rosary, stop going to Mass - although it is not a day of precept- stop confessing , communing, reading, that you stop everything, because if you are stopping things, in the end you will be laden with so much sloth and will see it as a great burden to fulfill the even most elementary things in spiritual life. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I am God, true God but I am also true Man and I understand very well your human nature and the potholes that you must cross on many days; therefore, children, ask for strength, for the grace to fulfill what has been proposed, and do it with heart - even if you do not feel like it- what is important is the will to want to fulfill your duties towards Me, since children, I am part of your life. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.