Use the Means Within Your Reach

By Do Whatever He Tells You

March 16, 2018

Children of God, the whole mission of your being must be to save yourselves at all costs, because if you have been born and then lose your soul, what good has it been to live even if you have had a good life? I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

You should use all means within your reach in order to attain the salvation of the soul. All the devotions and sacraments, everything! because you do not know how easy it is to condemn yourselves. I became incarnate to help you to be saved, but if you do not collaborate, what I have done is useless, because it is your will that has to do everything possible to attain final perseverance, since many at the final moment of their life are attacked by the Evil One and deny Me. Therefore children, your falls do not matter: if you fall a thousand times, a thousand times you have to get up and accept and offer me your defeats. This makes you humble and makes you understand your fragility. I want your salvation but I will not give it ready-made; the will to want to be saved and the practice of the sacraments must be yours, and I will help you in that which you are unable to do but which you desire. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

How painful it is for the whole of Heaven to see how souls are lost because they did not try a little harder. Confess, children, confess again and again so that the Evil One would not defeat you. Make confession with humility and, above all, with great sincerity, because otherwise confession done badly plunges you further into sin and into the clutches of My adversary.

Be humble and recognize yourselves as sinners. You all are, even if you live an assiduous spiritual life. And if you remain in a state of grace it is because I do not leave you and I bless your effort and willingness to want to sanctify yourselves, because, children, if it were not for the mediation of My Holy Mother, many more would be condemned. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

There are those who do not like to pray because they grow tired of meditative or contemplative prayer; well then, let spend their time in adequate prayers and with possible indulgences. I do not ask you to do what bores you or what tires you, but to keep me company praying well, meditating well on My mysteries, but you must dedicate some time in your day to me so that the devil would not attack you as much as he does, and you will easily be able to overcome temptation. Prayer is a very powerful weapon against temptation: in prayer we are both [there], the soul and I who do not stop looking at you and listening to your supplications or prayers. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you. My peace be with you all.