So that you would humbly approach My tabernacle

By Do Whatever He Tells You

March 24, 2018

Children of God, if you were children of Kings or Princes, you would live in a cloud of adulation and you would believe yourselves to be very important in this life. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
It is not so in the other one, not so, since in the other life the Kings and Princes of this world are only what they sowed in this life, and many fall straight to Hell. But you are children of God, yet you do not reflect on what this means, because you do not realize the great dignity of being a child of God. You treat your Heavenly Father without regard, often ignoring him, not coming to him to praise him, honor him and adore him, and the same with Me who am his Son, you only come to Me to ask Me for things and things and things, but few of you draw near to offer me the little or much that you have. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
Your attitude grieves me, much as it would grieve you that your children pay you no attention at all, or only remind you that you are their parents when they need money or that you do them some favor or service. Reflect, children, reflect, because this grieves My Holy Mother immensely, whom you also have very much abandoned, although sometimes you do her some honor. She deserves more. I am speaking in general, of course, because there are souls and priests who offer themselves to Me, who live sacrificed [lives for My sake, who try to give me as much as possible and even then it seems little to them.
These souls are My consolation and that of My Holy Mother, they compensate us for so much forgetfulness and so much rejection that we receive, and even so My Mother continues to intercede for you and for your authentic conversion, because as you do not reconvert, few will reach Heaven and those who are saved will first go through a hard Purgatory. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
I speak to you this way not to give you a bad conscience but to help you reflect. So that you would humbly approach My Tabernacle and give Me love, faith and glory. Humility consoles me greatly in sinful souls, because already recognizing that you are so is a step forward to reconverting, but my mortal enemy will already be occupied with taking away your desire and sowing tares in you. Follow the voice of My Holy Spirit: He will guide you like no one, pay no attention to the Evil One who always says the opposite of the good you want to do and changes your intention. Children, when you have a good inspiration, follow it, and if you have doubts, consult some good priest, but do not do what My mortal enemy suggests, because what he wants is to take you away from Me and that My grace would have no effect on you. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.