Continue to pray for all those things that are holy

By Do Whatever He Tells You

May 9, 2018

Children of My Divine Heart, all of you and your families are in My sights, but it pleases Me greatly that you ask each other for prayers, because I desire that all of you would practice charity in one way or another. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Many of you have relatives far from the Church, you have others who are sick, you have others who are possessed, but not for that do I stop looking at you, because I see the suffering you are undergoing and I use it in other souls that are on the point of condemning themselves. It pleases Me that you pray for each other: these prayers, without any rewards, altruistic, are very valuable prayers, because many times you do not even know the people for whom you pray, but I do know them, children, and your prayers reach them. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Have patience in the things that you ask of Me: everything has its time, but not a prayer is lost. I use everything in what you ask of Me and unite it with My merits so that the prayer would have more power, but only My Father and I know the moment when that prayer will be effective for the purpose for which you ask. Remember saints who as mothers by their constant prayers converted their children and husbands. I know that many of you suffer for your relatives, but one prayer and another and another are never lost in the soul for whom they are addressed. For besides, My children, what you ask of Me I want. How can I not want peace in your families? How can I not want the conversion of your relatives? How can I not want the sick to be relieved? Children, if you ask for these things that are good, I am better than you and I want them even more, because everything that is good for souls I desire and My Holy Spirit inspires it. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

I listen to you every day and at every moment. My adversary makes you believe that I do not listen to you: not only is this not true, but he always deceives you in order that you would be discouraged. Keep praying for all those things that are holy and necessary for the salvation of souls, since your prayers reach Heaven, and when you make them with more faith and humility, they are more effective. I, Jesus, your Redeemer, am speaking to you and give you My peace.