Prayer is your protective shield against the evil one

By Do Whatever He Tells You

April 29, 2018

Praised and blessed be the Lord forever. Children of the Most High God, pray for one another because the world is in the hands of Satan and his purpose is to destroy you all. I, Michael the Archangel, am speaking to you.

Pray children, pray over and over again so that you would not fall into temptation. God does not want you to sink into the mire of vices and sin, but He in His justice respects your freedom and does not force you to follow Him if you do not want to. Prayer is a super-powerful weapon that wards away the Evil One from you and your relatives, if your prayer is from the heart and you do it with faith.

Pray, children of God Most High, and do not let your guard down. You need to do it daily and to persevere in prayer; Satan is incapable with those who pray, and what he hates most are souls of prayer, as was your Most Holy Heavenly Mother. Ask the Holy Spirit for His light, His strength and His wisdom. Ask Him for His holy gifts so that you might reap His fruits. Put your supplications and prayers in the immaculate hands of Mary Most Holy, our Queen and your Mother, and be constant in not neglecting prayer. I, Michael the Archangel, am speaking to you.

You do not know the wickedness of the world exactly. There are people totally influenced by Satan and not even they know it. Rulers, politicians, doctors, nurses, priests too and even bishops. Many, many souls are influenced by Satan because they do not pray, and although they fulfill their work, they do not comply with God as they should, praying and practising the sacraments assiduously. Do not let a speck of sin pass, because that speck brings another and another and another, and as soon as you see that you have yielded to sin, even venial, or to imperfection, do acts of reparation for all this. And when you see that temptation is strong and wants to make you fall into mortal sin, come as soon as possible to the confessional and open your souls to the confessor who represents Christ, and it is He who hears and strengthens you. I, Michael the Archangel, am speaking to you.

Children of the Most High God, children of Mary Immaculate, do not lose Heaven for a few pleasures of this life, which in addition give you a deceitful happiness, not a true one; only God can give you the true happiness and true joy that the world cannot give. Therefore, children of the Most High God, pray, pray and pray and do not stop doing so. Prayer is your shield against the Evil One, and when you pray, put your family in prayer and all those in the world who suffer and are tempted and also fall into temptation because they do not have a life of prayer. I, Michael the Archangel, am speaking to and instructing you. The peace of the Most Holy Trinity be with you all.