They are of no use because they no heart

By Do Whatever He Tells You

April 20, 2018

Dearly beloved children of My Heart, the month of May is coming and I want you to honor your Heavenly Mother as you have never done. She is your mediatrix and you cannot imagine how much she intercedes for you and the many prayers she applies to you so that you would persevere until the end of your lives. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

Cards, novenas, songs, Rosaries, pilgrimages, everything goes to honor the Queen of Heaven and Earth, and whatever you do for her, you are doing for Me. Do it with a soul cleansed of rot, you can hardly honor My Mother and live in mortal sin without wanting to leave it. Ask her to help you go to confession and to help you prepare for the latter with a great spirit of compunction and a great desire to amend. If you knew what eternal damnation is, you would not be able to sleep peacefully in mortal sin, so, children, go to the Sacrament of Penance and open the doors of your soul to the priest, who represents Me, and if he gives you absolution, know that it is I who give it to you. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

To all those who, due to family circumstances or illness, cannot go to Church to honor My Mother, do not worry: what you do for your sick you do for Me and for Her as well. Offer us these works that you absolutely have to do and which have the same or perhaps more value for Us, because you are practising charity which is such a great virtue. And the same for the sick, those who cannot leave their home or are in Hospital; we know their situation and their good intentions, but I ask you to offer us your limitations and sufferings through My Holy Mother, so that She who is the administrator of all graces would apply them to whomsoever she thinks most appropriate and most necessary. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.

And to those who for reasons of work cannot go to Church even if they wanted, their good intentions serve Us. We know that duty must be fulfilled first of all, even if sometimes many of you would rather prefer to go to Church to honor My Holy Mother or to honor Me. From time to time children, a prayer at work, in sickness, a praise, an act of love, supplements novenas, hymns and so forth, as long as you do it with the heart and not out of routine. Because a recording machine can also say thousands of prayers, but they are of no use to us because as they have no heart they are worth nothing. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you. Peace to all who put this message into practice.