Filled with the Holy Spirit...

By Do Whatever He Tells You

November 7, 2018

Children of My Divine Heart, I see with pain that many of you live overwhelmed by and immersed in worries and problems of all kinds. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
Children, life is not an oasis of calm in which everything is soft and sweet, life is hard and for some it is more than for others. But do not be discouraged, try to beear your burdens with faith and love; I will reward you in the other Life because there is no pain or sorrow there, only praise and love. Everyone in this life must pass through more or fewer purifications. Some because they lack things they want and will never have, others because their finances do not turn out well, others because of health problems or loss of loved ones, but all in one way or another have their troubles, and if they offer them to Me I do wonders with them, because even children have their burdens within that which they can endure at their age. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
I said this to you in My public life because I saw you all suffering so bitterly and with so much incomprehension: "Come to Me all of you who are weary and heavy-laden, that I might give you rest" (Mt 11, 28-30). Yes children, yes, whoever comes to Me and unburdens themselves to Me, will notice in their soul a very great inner peace, and although the problems have not disappeared him they will be made bearable because I will give them My grace so that it might be so.
My Holy Mother intercedes for you constantly and She exposes your pains so that I would not leave you, but even so - and although you do not lack My grace -, you do not know how to see past the pain that overwhelms you, you do not see beyond that pain. I watch over you, I take care of you and I am by your side, but I do not take away your trial once and for all, because I want you to have more merits for the other Life and for your crown to be more glorious. I, Jesus, speak to you.
Offer those trials that you suffer not only for your good and that of your family, but for the good of all souls. Through your sorrows and tears, united to My merits, many souls will be saved, because I will make your pain into acts of reparation and salvation for the souls that live having forgotten Me but who on the human plane are not bad. The supernatural world has nothing to do with the natural world, it is totally different. My Mother understood this very well in her life and accepted at all times the tests she suffered, beginning with My Incarnation. Filled with the Holy Spirit - she had his gifts in fullness -, she understood all this very well, but that did not take away the suffering that it meant for Her to suffer My Passion and many other trials through which she passed. Because the more a soul is enlightened, the more it understands God's plans, yet although it accepts them, this does not mean that it does not suffer, and this is also how it happened with the saints and the blessed in Heaven. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and teaching you.