You know neither the day nor the hour

By Do Whatever He Tells You

October 28, 2018

Children of My Sacred Heart, I see that you are preparing for the Warning without knowing if many of you will experience it, and without knowing its date. It is not that it is wrong that you should be doing this, but by living in a state of grace you are already prepared for all that comes and for sudden death. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
You live immersed in sins and imperfections of every kind and you think that you are so good that you think Heaven awaits you, but children, examine your souls carefully, because you still have some sins from adolescence and many even from childhood. You are announcing the Warning and yet by then some of you will have passed away. Try to live in a state of grace with all its consequences, give us the taste of nothing that is sinful, and increase - if you can and your time and health allow it -, your life of piety a little more, because with some of you it is very scant. I, Jesus, am speaking to you.
Do not announce the Warning to souls (many do not understand it), it is better to announce* that they should confess [in the proper] conditions and that they commune in the proper dispositions; you know neither the day nor the hour of your departure for the Beyond, may it not happen to you as with the foolish virgins that the bridegroom came and found them without oil in their lamps (Mt 25: 1-13). Your oil should be divine grace: this and the sacraments. Confess often, commune often too, and do not for anything stop praying, whether it be a little or much, because you are weak, and as My adversary knows it, he attacks you where you are most vulnerable. Do not grant yourselves so much relaxation or enjoyment: My life was very hard - sometimes I did not eat, and My roads were very long and I was tired, but I went on one day and another, doing the will of My Father, because if He had granted me dispensations, it would have been to the detriment of souls and the evangelization that I brought for them.
You lack much for holiness, even for those who live the spiritual life, but still you must be perfect in everything as your Heavenly Father is perfect (Mt 5:48). May it not discourage you to know that the perfection of God has no limits, only set out every day to overcome yourselves in such and such a battle, as I will reward you, in order that you would increasingly have better dispositions. Help your brothers and sisters whom you see on wrong paths, but always do it with mercy not with reproaches, as reproach suits all of you very well. Be merciful as is your Heavenly Father, and imitate My Holy Mother who also was and still is [merciful]. Come to Her to ask for her help; She is the help of sinners, meaning the help of all souls, and she wants nothing more than to help you in everything, that it might be for My glory. I, Jesus, am speaking to you and instructing you.
[* Translator's note: this should be read in the light of the fact that the primary audience for this set of locutions are priests]