Message from Our Lady (1)

By Edson Glauber

April 18, 2015

Peace my beloved children!

My children, be not afraid! I your Mother am here to welcome you within my immaculate and protective mantle.

God loves you and has sent me from heaven to tell you that He wants to reign in your homes with his peace and his love, but in order to do so he asks you to live daily in prayer, opening your hearts to his grace.

Turn away from sin and enter into the spirit of prayer. Godly families - pray, pray, pray in order to be able to withstand and overcome life's trials. Prayer is the support in your walk of faith: do not neglect prayer. Follow the path that I am indicating to you and you will walk safely to the Heart of my Son Jesus.

Do not forget to pray for the conversion of unbelievers and those with hearts hardened like stone. Many find themselves alienated from God and I ask you to help them to approach my Son Jesus through your prayers offered with love, in order that the Lord might grant them the necessary graces of conversion and of holiness.

Thank you for your presence here tonight. Return to your homes with God's peace. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

The Blessed Mother is still asking us to pray for the conversion of unbelievers. Many, after seeing so many signs, feeling the touch of God's presence, refuse to believe in her maternal presence via her apparitions, because they have hearts as hard as stone, because of the life of sin that they do not want to renounce and abandon. Many prefer to sin than to be saved. But one day they will weep bitterly if they do not repent and do not change their lives. The eternal truths are being denied and trampled on, and even those who should be light for the faithful, for the flock of Christ, are letting themselves be corrupted by the spirit of the world and its sinful ideas. Only those will stand who love and defend the truth. God is truth and he never changes: yesterday, today and forever. Our disobedience and rebellion against the eternal truths will cost us a high price. God is giving us a time for conversion, in order for us to decide to follow the path that the Virgin is indicating to us, the path of prayer, renunciation and penance. The time is now and not tomorrow. The time for us to change is today, because tomorrow may be too late.