Message from the Queen of the Rosary

By Edson Glauber

August 1, 2015

Peace be with you!

My children, if you want to be godly you must make prayer light for your souls and daily nourishment for growing in faith and love.

Do not depart from the path of conversion that I point out to you, but be obedient children who live out what I tell you with love and dedication. My children, many of my children offend me with so many blasphemies and insults, and my Heart bleeds and is wounded by swords of pain.

Pray for your brothers who do not want to hear me and do not want to accept my maternal love. Intercede, intercede for the salvation of souls. Help your brothers to find the right path, sacrificing yourselves more and offering your prayers to the Lord, so that his divine grace might be poured upon the whole world, which is wounded by sin and enveloped in darkness, which wants to destroy families, society and the Church.

Struggle for peace. Struggle for conversion. Struggle for your place in heaven. Heaven is the place that God has prepared for each one of you and that is where he wants increasingly to lead you, through my motherly appearances and messages of love.

Convert and God will bless and save your families from all evil. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!