Message from the Queen of the Rosary (1)

By Edson Glauber

August 15, 2015

Peace my beloved children, peace be with you all!

I, your Immaculate Mother, love you immensely and come from heaven to tell you that the Lord invites you to conversion and holiness through me.

Without prayer you will not be able to walk in this world that is increasingly letting itself be enveloped in the darkness of Satan, because it does not pray.

Be strong in faith and faithful to God. Do not doubt, but be obedient to the calls that God is making to you through me.

My Son Jesus has not sent me from heaven to tell you useless things, but holy words that lead you to his Divine Heart. This is the time of your return to Him who awaits you with his forgiveness and love.

My children, leave the things of the world, for excessive attachments take you away from heaven and from God. Be simple, humble and kind to one another. Do not desire to have and possess much, as very often 'much' will not help you to do God's will, but may be the reason why you will increasingly distance yourselves from him.

Desire heaven's graces. Desire to belong to God completely and you will have true peace that changes and transforms everything.

I love you and with my Immaculate Heart full of love I invite you to follow me along the path of prayer that will save the world and many souls for heaven.

Pray, pray for the Church. Pray much for the Ministers of God, for they shall be greatly persecuted and will suffer much. I bless you with a blessing of peace and love. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

When Our Lady said that the Ministers of God would be greatly persecuted and suffer much, I understood that many would undergo this because of their infidelities to God and sins committed, but others would be unjustly attacked and martyred by the evil men who will attack the Holy Church in cruel fashion. Let us therefore pray much for the Holy Church which will undergo its most excruciating and sorrowful moment, because it is being shaken in its foundations, suffering terrible attacks from the forces of darkness. In this attack many priestly souls will be destroyed unless we listen to the Blessed Mother's appeals.