Message from Jesus

By Edson Glauber

February 6, 2015

Today Jesus appeared in majesty; he was wearing a white robe and showed us his Sacred Heart glowing with flames of love. Jesus was wrapped in light and was indescribably beautiful. Seeing him my heart almost stopped out of emotion. His arms were open to wish us peace and he inclined somewhat in the air, looking at me with so much love.

My peace be with you!

I, the Light of your lives and the Light of the world, am here to bless you. Hear the cry of my voice calling you to conversion. My voice echoes around the world to tell men that is enough of sin [que bastam pecados]!

Repent while my merciful Heart is open to pour out torrents of love and forgiveness upon the world.

My merciful Heart ardently desires your salvation. Do not neglect your salvation. The devil is cunning and he wants to devour you. Do not yield in the face of temptation, do not fall into his traps. I am granting you heaven's graces so that you may defeat him.

Trust in the intercession and protection of my Immaculate Mother, the Queen of Heaven. With what great love she is coming to earth to speak to you for the good of your souls, and how many are ungrateful, remaining deaf to her voice. Pray that they might receive the messages that heaven gives them with love.

Whoever remains deaf to the voice of my Mother will fall, and whoever closes their heart to her love will suffer. I tell you: be obedient, just as my Mother is obedient. Imitate her and you will not walk in darkness. Return to your homes with the peace of our Most Sacred Hearts: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

I felt in my heart that I should pray the Gloria and prayed in honor of Jesus's wounds, pleading for all the sick, asking for their healing. I felt that I should ask this of Jesus and he lovingly listened to the prayers that were addressed to him. He granted us his blessing with a beautiful smile.

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