Message from Jesus

By Edson Glauber

Today, in the first prayer meeting of this new year, it was Jesus who appeared and came forward to convey the message. He was radiant, wrapped in indescribable light and wore a long white robe, showing us his Sacred Heart. He came walking along a luminous road with on his right and left various roses of white, red and yellow colours adorning the way along which he passed. There were an immensity of roses - many, really many. Jesus looked lovingly at all of us and told us:

My peace I give you, my peace be with you!

I am here to bless you and to thank you for having prayed the rosary in honor of my most Holy Mother. Pray more and more. The Rosary unites you with my Divine Heart more and more each time.

Here is my heart ... It is full of love for you and for humanity. I wish to save you from the present darkness. The dangers are many, but if you are faithful to Heaven's calls to you, you will be able to overcome the trials and obstacles with strength and courage, peace and serenity.

Welcome the messages of my Immaculate Mother. I have sent her to show you the path which leads to the glory of my Kingdom.

A grandiose and strong light, full of grace and beauty, shines in the skies of Amazonia: it is my Mother! ... who comes to ask for prayers for peace and the conversion of the world.
Blessed will be all those who receive her maternal words with love and with their heart, and put them into practice.

Be obedient and faithful. Be my apostles of prayer and peace. Pray and watch. Pray and watch. Pray and watch. Time is passing and many things prophesied in the past will come to complete fulfilment.

I am sending my current prophets to announce my call to conversion and repentance, before the painful events occur that will change the life of mankind forever.
Wake up! It is time to pray much and to keep watch. Time to learn to be completely of God. Change [your] life and receive my blessing in depth and my grace that will help you to remain faithful in any situation or trial.

Fear not! I am your strength and the One who protects you against everything and everyone. Trust in my Heart and you will see the glory of Heaven always shining on your homes. Return to your houses with my peace and my love: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

The presence of Jesus at the beginning of this new year is very significant. By dint of excellence and prerogative [por excelência e primazia] he has the complete right to come in order to give his message first of all, but his presence is also intended to show us how important it is to pray with love and faith the complete Rosary for which his Most Holy Mother has so often asked in her appearances in Itapiranga. Jesus came in person to tell us that he loves the prayer of the Rosary and that this prayer unites us with Him more and more each time. Let us open our hearts to Heaven's calls and everything in our life will change for the better.