Message of Our Lady (1)

By Edson Glauber

January 15, 2015

Peace my beloved children, the peace of our Sacred Hearts to you all!

Beloved children, God loves you with an immense love and wants the conversion of your families and your hearts.

Strive for heaven. Strive to be at God's side one day. Remember my children: the days are passing quickly. Life in this world is short, but heaven is forever. Be good and loving to everyone, be my apostles of peace.

The grace of God is revealed powerfully to the world through my apparitions. Embrace the love of God in your hearts and do not be afflicted in any trial or difficulty. I, your Mother am here and will always be asking on your behalf before my Son Jesus.

My children, thank you for your prayers. You have still not understood the power of prayer, but I, if you allow me, will teach you how to pray with the heart and intercede more and more for the salvation of your brothers.

The rosary is powerful and sanctifies your souls, helping you to combat evil and sin. Always look ahead and follow your path of conversion. Courage, God is with you!

Return to your homes with the peace of God. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

When Our Lady said: I, your Mother, I am here and will always be asking on your behalf before my Son Jesus ... She said this in a manner so tender and full of love that it moved my heart. I felt a great emotion and my heart was filled with love and peace. Today, these words of hers really touched me. We have a Mother who always asks and intercedes for us, and we likewise must learn to pray and to intercede with her for the conversion of the world and the salvation of souls. The fate and the happiness of many are at stake. In the struggle between good and evil, we must fight the good fight in the name of the Lord, for the sake of the world, and the time is now. Let us take our rosaries and pray with faith and love. Each Hail Mary is a ray of light and grace that reaches many, many souls, opening them up to God's love.

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