Message of Our Lady

By Edson Glauber

January 10, 2015

Today the Holy Family came: Our Lady held the Infant Jesus in her arms and next to the two of them was St. Joseph. All three showed their Sacred Hearts. Our Lady was wearing a blue mantle, a robe and white veil, the Infant Jesus wore a light blue tunic with little stars, and St. Joseph wore a beige tunic and light brown cloak, with little stars on the cloak. Our Lady was the one who gave the message:

Peace my beloved children, the peace of our three Sacred Hearts to you all!

My children, prayer obtains great graces for you from heaven.

The Eucharist is the sublime gift of love of my Divine Son to the world. Be with my Son Jesus in the Eucharist, uniting yourselves to him in love and with your heart. By means of his Holy Body he gives you strength, courage, faith and most holy graces; by means of his Divine Blood he washes your souls and your hearts, he frees you from many evils and dangers, and it is sacred drink that grants you eternal life.

The Eucharist is the sublime grace of the presence of my Son Jesus in the midst of you. Be with Jesus, renouncing pride, vanities and sin. If you recognize your nothingness before God you will be with him the whole day, since it is in your nothingness that he demonstrates much more his strength and power.

Be humble, recognizing in your brother the grace of the the love of God inviting you to serve him and love him with an open heart which knows how to donate itself full of love.

Pray that you might be of God. Pray to have the strength to say yes to God in any situation when he calls you.

The more you are obedient to God, the more he will open doors and paths before you for you to carry out his work of love.

The more you are obedient and united to the Church, the more graces God will grant you, that you might be one with him forever.

Thank you for your presence here in this place of graces and blessings, which I always appear. Return to your homes with God's peace. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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