Our Mystical Saint

By Edson Glauber

Our Lady once told me that we all have a mystical saint, that is, that male or female saint who is intimately united to us in order to help us grow more and more in union with God and with His divine love, a saint who always intercedes for us and protects us. These are not Our Lady and St Joseph, who are our intercessors par excellence, nor our guardian angel, but male and female saints whom you have loved greatly in this world and whose virtues you have imitated, entrusting yourselves to the love of Deus. For a man it is a female saint and for a woman it is a male saint.* How can you discover who your male or female mystical saint is? It is that saint with whom you have a great affinity and whom you always remember and ask for help, who is always in your heart and in your mind, and it gives you great joy when you see something about him or her. My dear saint and protectress is Little St Thérèse. She has helped me a lot and is always intimately connected with me, helping me to be completely with the three Sacred Hearts. Ask for the grace of knowing as soon as possible who your mystical saint is, and begin to be more intimate with them, and they will help you to do the will of God. (Edson Glauber)

[PB comment: a famous example of this is the relationship of Vietnamese mystic and martyr Marcel Van (1928-1959) to his spiritual 'sister' Ste Thérèse de Lisieux (seems popular!), the communication between the two of them being documented in Van's 'Colloques' (Collected writings vol.2) , published in French under the title 'Colloques' with a preface by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (2001)]

Translation by MotherOfGod.com