Second Message from Our Lady

By Edson Glauber

January 24, 2015

I had gone to take my cousins to their house, and when I returned home, after a while I heard the voice of Our Lady who spoke to me again and gave me a second message:

My son, the fruit of justice is peace. Only the righteous will have true peace granted by God.

The more righteous you are, the more peace you will have: peace that heals, peace that gives you tranquility and that frees you from all oppression.

The peace that the world speaks to you is not the peace that comes from God, it is a false peace that does not convert. The peace that God gives you converts, frees from sin, families, opens hearts to the love of God and love of neighbor. Desire heaven's peace, the peace that comes from God. Strive with faith and with all your being, asking the Lord for this peace, and he will give [it] to you.

God is merciful, my children. When you are united to the Lord he is happy and moves the heavens to show you his love. God does great things for those who sincerely open their hearts.

Where there is truth and sincerity, God is there. Where there is love and the renunciation of sin and all evil, God is present, acting with his grace.

When a person truly opens their heart to God, he consoles. God, then, fills this heart with his love; he makes them stand firm in their holy purposes to resist temptations, vanities and the seductions of the devil and the world.

Souls full of love are what God wants. Souls who know how to be light for others who are in darkness. The more you love, the more you become holy, because love sanctifies and unites you profoundly with God.

Love repairs numerous sins. Love opens the gates of heaven for you. Love is God, my children, and God loves you dearly and eternally.

Be of God, because he wants to be everything in your lives, to give you true love, happiness without end.

I love you and with this love I bless you: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

In conveying this message, Our Lady filled my heart with peace and the love of God. Right now, as I am typing this message, I feel a great desire for heaven. My heart feels as if it will explode, vibrating with a great love and an immense happiness. I want to tell everyone not to give up on your good resolutions for conversion, but to strive, because God wants to save us and have us with him in heaven one day. Strive for the happiness of your families and the salvation of the world. Alone we can do nothing, but with God and united to him, we can do much, because we will have the one who one day will be all in all, with us, by our side.

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