Message from the Queen of the Rosary

By Edson Glauber

July 11, 2015

Peace my beloved children, peace be with you!

My children, do not let yourselves be overcome by the world and by its deceptions. God is Truth and Eternal Life. Whoever is united with God has every good and grace. Ask for the light of the Holy Spirit in order to have the strength always to stay on the path of truth, on the Lord's holy path.

Great confusion is dominating many of my children who no longer know how to distinguish truth from error, because they do not pray and do not open their hearts to God as they should.

The devil is seducing many souls with riches, with power and the pleasures of the world, and so these souls lead so many others to turn away from the way of the Lord, to follow the lies and illusions of the world that lead to the fire of hell.

Pray, pray, pray the rosary every day with faith and love so that you may overcome all evil. Always have your rosary with you and with it save souls for heaven, praying it every day so that many of your brethren may convert.

My children, the devil is acting ferociously against my priestly sons. You, children whom I love so much, pray and sacrifice for priests. Devote part of your prayers for them, who are in such need intercessors night and day to plead for them before the Heart of my Divine Son, that they might be faithful to the mission and vocation that God has given them.

I thank you for being here to listen and live out my appeals, but I tell you: dedicate yourselves more and more, and be obedient to what I tell you. Do not hurt my Heart with your sins and do not grieve my Son Jesus.

I love you and want your conversion and eternal salvation. Return to your homes with God's peace. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!


The Lord showed me a vision: I saw Jesus sitting on a throne and before him there was a great vineyard with sturdy trees and many others, dry and dead, which were of no use. These trees represented every person on earth. Jesus gave an order to the Angels who immediately went everywhere to pull up useless trees in order to throw them into a big pit full of fire, and these trees were burned there.

So it will be at the end of times on the day of Judgment for every soul that rejected God's grace and was of no use on earth, who did not go to Church, who did not live out the Word of God, who did not welcome the appeals that our Holy Mother made in many places, scorning and ridiculing her tears, her messages and her maternal aid. It does not please God that his Most Blessed Mother is despised and outraged.


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