Message from the Most Holy Virgin

By Edson Glauber

May 30, 2015

Peace my beloved children, the peace of my Son Jesus to you all!

My children, convert, convert, convert. The world's peace is threatened and many of you do not put my calls in practice or obey me.

Wake up ... God has already been calling you for a long time through me. It is time to awaken, to take hold of your rosaries, to bend your knees on the floor and pray.

Humanity has forgotten the laws of God and no longer lives them out. Pray, pray greatly in order that mercy might still prevail over divine justice, for it will come upon the world in a way never seen before that will make the whole world shake, and many places will disappear from the face of the earth.

Embrace my call to conversion and intercede every day for the sanctification of priests. Each ruined priest is a great sword of pain that pierces my sorrowful Heart.

Beg God's mercy for humanity. The world has remained deaf, blind and dumb towards God, because it only does the will of the devil, who through television, radio and books spreads his kingdom of darkness within many hearts.

Young people are no longer pure or godly. Couples are being corrupted in an unbridled life of infidelities and worldly pleasures. But the greatest pain is to see that many priests behave like children of the world and sin rather than as Ministers of God and the Church.

Priests who let themselves be carried away by the seductions of the world are walking along the path that leads to hell. Return, return to God. He is calling each one of you to a change of life.

Return to your homes with the peace and the blessing of your Immaculate Mother to fight against all evil within your homes, expelling and overcoming it through prayer. Pray, pray, pray. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

During the apparition, when Our Lady spoke of young people and couples her face was sad, but when she spoke of the priests her beautiful face and voice expressed a great pain and sadness that touched me in the depths of my heart. She showed how much she suffers for them, for these priests who are letting themselves be carried away by the ideas of the world, by its deceptions and seductions. Many are losing their priestly posture in order to evangelize in a new way, wanting to reach a greater number of souls, but this is the way that the devil uses to deceive them, to make them [appear] before others as mere men and not ministers of God. If they continue on this road Satan will catch them sooner or later and the ruin of souls will be much greater than what they thought to conquer for God in this way, and the damage will be irreparable. Let us pray, therefore, intensifying more and more our prayers for them. God does not deal in fashions, vanities and novelty, he is always the same.


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