Urgent Message from Our Lady

By Edson Glauber

May 13, 2015

Peace my beloved children, peace!

My children, the destiny of humanity and the lives of many are at stake. Men who have let themselves be seduced by the devil are preparing the most sophisticated means for destroying millions of human beings in a very short time.

Pray, pray, pray to destroy all evil from the face of the earth. Prayer is powerful and destroys all human and malign action. Protect yourselves with prayer and listen to the voice of your Immaculate Mother, letting yourselves be guided by my motherly advice.

My children, difficult times and great suffering will sweep across many places of the earth in a manner never before seen.

The Angel of Divine Justice will pass by with his sword and by order of the Lord will strike many nations who have rebelled against the Creator.

Do penance for your sins. May each day of your lives gladden the Heart of my Divine Son and comfort him, because he has already been offended too much.

Implore the mercy of my Son Jesus for the world. By means of his infinite merits ask the Father's forgiveness for your sins and forgiveness for poor sinners.

The evil action of Satan has entered the church and ruined the lives of many ministers of God. The devil has placed the desire for power, lust and wealth in the hearts of so many, corrupting them. Ruined priests and consecrated persons cannot be the salt or light of the world, but only a source of perdition and sin.

Intercede my children, intercede and offer reparations to the Lord, asking for his grace, his light and his forgiveness for the ministers of God, otherwise the strong arm of the Lord shall fall upon them, punishing them for their crimes through terrible suffering and much spilt blood.

When those who should be light lose the light of their eyes, they can only have darkness and death in their hearts and in their lives, and what they do cannot please the Lord, because they lack grace. God no longer tolerates so many outrages and offenses. Take care of your homes with prayer, with sacrifice and with penance, for God will also strike unfaithful and rebellious families who do not love and do not live his Commandments. He will change laughter and joy into tears and crying.

Here, Our Lady looked at the world and said:

Return, return to God, O humanity, your Blessed Mother is calling you.

Looking at us gathered there at her apparition, she said:

Ask the intercession of St Joseph and St Michael, because they are ready to help you and rescue you in your greatest needs and afflictions.

I, the Queen of Heaven and Earth and Queen of the Holy Rosary and Peace, bless you with my motherly blessing: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Today Our Lady showed me one more secret related to the Church and the destiny of the world, the tenth. Many things will change and we shall see sad things proclaimed and announced, but which do not come from God. And even if these things happen we can remain steadfast in our faith, we should not abandon the Church, but we can intensify still further our prayers for her. The devil is blinding and destroying many ministers of God, and this grieves the Immaculate Heart of Mary. With her maternal gaze full of pain, she prayed to the Lord:

[Have] pity, Lord, for disobedient bishops. Have pity Lord for rebellious priests. Have pity Lord for consecrated persons who live like true pagans!

The Blessed Mother also invited us and told us to do the first five Saturdays of the month starting from June until October, as if they were the last monthly Saturdays that we had to do in our lives - with much love, zeal, dedication and the offering of ourselves to God, offering reparation and begging his forgiveness and mercy for poor humanity. Doing them well with the desire to make reparation for sinners.



Please re-read the May 13 communication above given its gravity... For confirmation (important when trying to discern in cases like this) from an undeniably independent source, take a look at the following dated May 12 purportedly received by Glynda Linkous, one of the very few non-Catholic prophetic voices consistently cited by Catholic websites internationally (Anglophone, French, Italian). The convergence of the content here with the Itapiranga message is very striking.


Glynda Linkous: Forever Changed


Translation by Peter on MotherOfGod.com