Message from the Most Holy Virgin

By Edson Glauber

August 5, 2016

On the morning of August 5 I was unable to sleep. I tried to close my eyes, but could not sleep, because I felt the presence of Our Lady next to me and her voice resounded in my heart, calling me to be awake, watching and praying. In my heart, I made many prayers and implored God's mercy for sinners and for peace in the world. At 5 a.m. she called me to get up and write her motherly message to all her children of the whole world:

Peace my dear son, peace to your heart, to your family and to all humanity!

I your Mother am here to receive you in my Immaculate Heart. I receive you and all those who wish to enter it with their consecration made with faith and love, but for you to be in my heart you also need to accept with your heart the messages that I have been conveying to you for a long time to you and your mother in this place blessed by my most Holy presence.

I am the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace, I am your Most Holy Mother and Mother of all humanity.

Love and peace I give you, but love and conversion I ask of you, so that peace might reign in the midst of all my children.

Many do not want to convert. They have time for many things, but for the salvation of their souls, no! For God's works they are full of so many occupations, making excuses to the Lord, putting off changing their lives for tomorrow.

Son, tell your brothers: whoever has no time for God does not want to go to heaven. Whoever does not have time for God on earth will have time for all eternity to be in hell with the devil, because time passes in this world and God calls you, through me, to conversion.

I address all my children in the whole world: be converted without delay! The justice of God will be strong/fierce, as great and terrible will be the day of the Lord, when he will cleanse the face of the earth with the power of his strong arm.
A great wave of pain and persecution will come in the Church and much blood will be shed. Many ministers of God will be delivered into the hands of rapacious wolves as easy prey. They will have no voice to speak and defend themselves: they will be silenced, but God sees everything!

In Brazil, armed ambushes and conflicts are secretly being prepared that will make many of my children suffer. Brazil will be purified in pain and blood, because the sins of impurity are so many.

I came to Itapiranga to receive in my maternal Heart those who wish to be saved, those who want to be within my Divine Son's Heart.

Do not be deaf to my voice. Do not be unbelieving. Turn back, turn back to the Lord. Do not be attached to the world or material things. Money and power will not lead you to God, but to hell, because many have let themselves be corrupted by greed and selfishness.

Who is willing to share their bread with their brother? Who is the one who has no sin and can cast the first stone against his neighbour? Who is prepared to appear before the great Throne of God? Turn back, my children, turn back while there is still time. Listen to my voice.

Here I have come to call you to God. Here I have come to grant you my love and my blessing. Now I say to you: bring light where there is darkness, proclaim and defend the truth where lies and death reign. Take the love of God to those who do not have it.

I bless you, my son, and all those who have come to Itapiranga to honour me and to listen to my appeal: in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Before leaving, the Blessed Mother told me to wait for the coming of St Michael at 9 a.m., because she and Jesus had sent him to communicate an important message to us. She asked that her message and that of St Michael be read out immediately after the procession and apparition in the afternoon.