About the Most Holy Virgin

By Edson Glauber

About the Most Holy Virgin

Ourlady ByedsonglauberWhen Our Lady raises her right arm she is showing us a sign of protection and blessing. Often she has made this gesture during the apparitions. She is warding off a great evil and danger, in order that it might not occur that it might be lessened. This happened recently when I was in the USA .. May the power of her motherly love and her intercession continue warding great evils and calamities away from this country and all the other countries where she has sent me to speak about her holy messages.

[words and picture from Edson Glauber]


Peter B's comment:

In the light of these words, it is difficult not to see the correlation between Edson's September prayer meetings in the US, during which Our Lady allegedly said to him that 'I have come from heaven to prevent a great evil' (Jackson, New Jersey, September 8) and the foiling of the NYC/New Jersey bombings - or perhaps the relative sparing of Florida (in contrast to the tragic devastation in Haiti) by Hurricane Andrew these last couple of days...