Message of the Queen of the Rosary

By Edson Glauber

March 30, 2020

"Peace to your heart!

My son, pray much and let everyone pray, because prayer can change everything in the world. A heart full of faith and trust in God obtains everything from His Divine Love.

Pray for the Shepherd, the Great Shepherd. Soon, God will accept His final sacrifice for the good of the Holy Church and the sheep. As My Son Jesus has told you: The Good Shepherd is the one who gives His life for the sheep.  Three Saints are interceding before the Throne of My Son, supporting the Shepherd in His sacrifice: St. Gemma Galgani, St. Catherina of Siena and St. Veronica Giuliani. These three Saints have, before the Lord, by divine order, at my requests and that of Saint Joseph, an important role in these difficult and painful times.

That everyone asks for their intercession and God will soon give humanity another chance and your tears of sorrow, My children, will be changed into tears of joy. Pray and trust!  I bless you!"

When Our Lady said the part of the message: The Good Shepherd is the one who gives His life for the sheep, I heard the words “the true shepherd” being said at the same time. I also understood that the three Saints She mentioned in the message, three Italian Saints, intercede for the Holy Mother Church, which is found in Italy and elsewhere in the world.

These Saints are a model for each one of us, because they knew how to meditate and honor the passion of Jesus to the point of suffering it in their lives, receiving in their bodies, united to the love of Jesus, the stigmata of the passion, to help the Lord to atone for the sins committed inside the Holy Church and in the world, and today, they are at the side of the Great Shepherd, who offered Himself to God for the salvation of the Holy Church and humanity to crush this deadly virus, helping Him in His final sacrifice, as victim of atonement that was accepted by God.

All of us, united with Him, let us offer our prayers, sacrifices and penances, offering to the Eternal Father the merits of the Immaculate Lamb in expiation for our sins and the sins of the entire world, because, in the current situation we are in, remains for us only the Word of God in our hearts, the Cross and the Rosary in our hands as means of offering reparations for the sins of the world and to plead from the Heart of Jesus forgiveness and mercy for all.

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