Messages from the Queen of the Rosary

By Edson Glauber

August 5, 2020

Our Holy Mother, came once more from Heaven, to convey to us Her appeal to all Her children of the whole world.
"Peace My beloved children, peace!
My children, I, your Mother, ask you to listen to My appeals to prayer. The world is wounded by hatred and violence and has allowed itself to be corrupted by satan, because of money, power, ambition and selfishness. Return to the Lord with a heart repented of all your sins. Renounce evil and the deceptions of this world in order to merit the love and forgiveness of My Divine Son. Decide for God so that His peace and His love will fill your hearts and heal you of many wounds in your souls, because of your sins and your disobedience to His Divine Laws.
My children, the devil is preparing great conflicts, not only in a particular region of the earth, but worldwide to involve many countries. Pray for peace, pray for the conversion of sinners.
The world is on the verge of great conflicts and great sufferings like never before. They built terrible weapons that can wipe out many of My children in few seconds. The proud and the powerful want to eliminate you and your families. Fight against all evil by praying My Rosary, consecrating yourselves daily to our Three Sacred Hearts and fast, and My Spouse Joseph and I will ask for all of you before the Throne of My Son Jesus.
Convert! Convert! Convert because the times of great pain are happening before your own eyes. Many continue to be incredulous and with hardened hearts before God, because they do more of satan's will than the Lord's will and they are not part of the sheep of My Son Jesus, because they also have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the errors and the deceits of the world. Do not be deceived nor be corrupted. Be of God, fight and defend the truth and My Son will always be with you, He will help you and bless you.

I bless you all: In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!"

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-August 2, 2020
The Holy Mother appeared with many Angels on her right and her left. She gave us the following message:

Peace, my beloved children, peace!

My children, I your Mother come from heaven to ask you to change the course of your lives and to return to the Lord as soon as possible, while he is giving you time for conversion. Yet this time will end, my children, and great events will change your lives forever.

Leave the life of sin behind and sincerely repent for having offended the Eternal Father and for not having loved Him as you should.

I beseech you: pray, pray as you have never prayed before, and offer everything to the Divine Heart of my Son Jesus in reparation for your sins and the sins of the whole world, making supplication for the conversion of all souls. I love you and welcome you today within my Immaculate Heart.

Receive my graces and my blessing, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

-August 1, 2020
Peace to your heart!

My son, tell all my children: fast, fast, fast. If all want to overcome the current evils that threaten them, they should pray the Rosary daily, fast and sacrifice for the good of the world and for peace. The devil wants to bring greater suffering to the world, and all my children need to bend their knees to the ground and intercede in order to hinder his evil intentions. Listen to my calls to prayer and conversion, and God will always grant you the grace of victory over all evil. You will be persecuted, but do not be afraid of anything. The Lord will be by your side to defend and help you and, through you, he will show the proud that he is the Lord.

I bless you as well as all humanity: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!