The Decisive Hour is Coming

By Edson Glauber

August 15, 2020

Message from Our Lady

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Peace, my beloved children, peace!
My children, rejoice with your Immaculate Mother, raised to heaven in body and soul. My glorification in the heavens is the anticipation of the glory of each one of you and of all those who are faithful to the Lord until the end and who live in this world, devoting themselves to the glory of his kingdom of love and fulfilling his Divine Will.
My immaculate and glorious presence in the world is the great sign of God’s love for you. Do not fear the trials and sufferings that you will have to endure out of love for my Son. You will be able to endure everything with love and faith. My Divine Son has already granted you the graces in advance when I came from heaven to bless you in my apparitions occurring among you over all these past years, when I granted you so many blessings and graces from heaven.
Blessed are those who have believed without having seen and who have welcomed these blessings and graces with the little faith and love of their hearts. They will not be disappointed or abandoned by the Lord in times of difficulty, because they have not abandoned the Lord, nor me, their Heavenly Mother, in times of pain, trials and attacks against my work of love. But woe to the unbelievers, woe to those who have lost their faith and have been ungrateful, rejecting, persecuting and destroying the holy works of God with their words and bad examples. One day they will be before the Lord face to face, and that day will be terrible.
Remember, my children: many are called, but few are chosen, because many do not believe and do not have faith in their hearts. My words said here will be fulfilled, and when they are accomplished many unbelievers will weep bitterly for time lost and will plead for forgiveness and mercy when they see many who believed being taken away [1] [As Edson’s own messages (not to mention those of all authentic seers who speak of the upcoming times) repeatedly refer to the faithful on earth enduring the imminent Chastisements, this message clearly should not be taken as a reference to the common understanding of “The Rapture,” a teaching prevalent in some Evangelical circles wherein, before the tribulations begin, all “true believers” across the world are miraculously and instantaneously taken up into the sky, only to be returned to earth once the times of trial are over.] to join the Lord before their eyes, and these unbelievers will remain in the world to be punished by the great chastisement coming upon them, descending violently from heaven to punish sinners. Pray, pray, pray, because the decisive hour is coming.
I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.