Whoever prays my Rosary daily...

By Edson Glauber

December 5, 2020

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Message from Our Lady

“Peace, my beloved children, peace!
My children, I am your Immaculate Mother, who comes from Heaven to call you to God.  God calls you through me to conversion and holiness. Change your lives, my children, as soon as possible before the great events and great pain in the world arrive. Be attentive of the signs of God, there are so many and many who see nothing and hear nothing because they are blind to the works of God, but they can see easily the deceptions and the works of satan acting freely and strongly in the world.
Oh, humanity, when will you decide to listen to God's voice and follow your holy path? My Immaculate Heart suffers from the hardness and the coldness of so many of my children who do not want to convert.  My Immaculate Heart bleeds because of so many outrages, blasphemies and ingratitude of all those who do not believe in my maternal words, who make mock and make ridicule of my motherly love so priceless, holy and precious to God. Oh, how great, terrible and heavy is God's justice over these! So terrible that even the angels of heaven tremble and prostrate themselves with their faces covered in front of their Divine Throne and the men of the earth pay little attention, without the slightest respect.
I love you, my dear children, and I don't want your eternal damnation. Return to God, return to your holy path. Do not be deceived by satan's lies and his false demonic doctrines that are being inserted in these times, shamefully in the House of God, inside the Holy Church as if it were truth, but the lies of satan do not save, they lead to the fire of hell. Open your hearts and the eyes of your souls, because many satan has already taken and deceived with his errors, do not be one of these, who are in the danger of damnation. Pray, fast and sacrifice yourselves for the conversion of the poor sinners and many sad, grave and serious things can change and be avoided.
Pray my Rosary as a family daily. The families who pray my full Rosary every day will be preserved from the terrible persecutions, pains and trials that very soon will have to endure  from the followers of satan who want to destroy you so that you can no longer speak of God and His love. Whoever prays my Rosary daily, I promise my maternal protection and the deliverance from the hands of evil and corrupt men by satan and these will pass before them, go on and these families will not be touched or seen.  Pray, pray, pray and have faith and trust and God will protect you, my children. I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!"