Do Not Lose Faith!

By Edson Glauber

November 1, 2020

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lady Queen of the Rosary and of Peace

Peace, my beloved children, peace! My children, be of God, love God, do God’s will and everything in your lives will change. The more you offer yourselves up with confidence into the hands of God, the more his miracles will be granted in your lives, with the graces that He will grant you in abundance, because He loves you with such great love. Enter into the Heart of my Divine Son, consecrating yourself daily to Him, for his Heart is a furnace of blazing love. Be set aflame with God’s love, let yourselves be guided by Him, being obedient to the voice of His grace and everything, my children, will change, everything will be transformed, everything will be restored in your lives and you will have peace. I love you and bless you with my immaculate love which purifies you from all sin, [1] making you pleasing to God. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!


This reference to the Virgin Mary’s role in our purification from sin should obviously not be understood as in any way contradicting the uniqueness of Christ’s redeeming work on Calvary, known theologically as objective redemption. Our Mother’s role as Mediatrix of all graces, rather, regards subjective redemption, our ongoing sanctification through the appropriation of Christ’s saving grace in our daily lives. In other words, it is the Sacraments which absolve of us sin, but through Our Lady’s intercession and maternal love, we are purified more and more from our attachment to it. Translator’s note.