Take Care of Your Homes

By Edson Glauber

October 24, 2020

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ

Peace to your heart! My son, it is time to live for God, with God and in God. It is time for humanity to return to My Sacred Heart. I call you to conversion, but many do not listen to Me and close the doors of their hearts to My Divine love.

I am speaking to you [Edson] with my Heart full of love and with burning desire for the salvation of souls. They are precious to me, to my Heart. Pray, pray for the salvation of souls. Save souls for My kingdom of love, save many souls for Me with your prayers overflowing with My divine love for all of them. Tell of My love for those creatures made by Me who are distant from the path of truth, who do not want to open the eyes of their hearts and follow the road of conversion, renunciation and salvation that I have prepared for each one of them.

Take care of your homes. Your families are precious to the Holy Trinity that is present in each blessed home, in the union of a man with his wife, who in love and united to My Divine Heart seal their Christian commitment and most holy union through the sacrament of marriage before My altar, asking for My blessing, My grace and My light that sanctifies and divinizes every Christian family in the perfect holy image of God, the Creator of all things.

Protect your homes from all error, vice and sin. Families ruined by sin cannot be pleasing to God. Families that are silent in the face of error, not denouncing evil and sin for the greater good of their family members who are blind and who are slaves in the clutches of Satan, cannot be My true disciples and servants. Fathers and mothers who are weak in faith and prayer cannot build holy families. Fathers and mothers who are worldly and without light are walking the road to perdition that leads them to the fires of hell, together with their own children.

Cleanse your homes of all filth, for My Divine Majesty is present in every family, and how It is offended in these cruel times by so many ungrateful and rebellious fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, who are more in the image of Satan than Mine.

Dirty homes, in darkness, without light and without life, are homes where the demons of hell act and reign. When a family allows their home to be dirty and allows dirt to appear through their way of living and speaking, it is Satan who makes himself present in that home, because he is the one who loves decay, dirt and sin.

To know whether you are united with Me and My divine will within your homes, see how much dirt there is in your homes, because all the dirt of the earth is a filthy reflection of sin in the spiritual life of each soul. Dirty and lifeless homes do not please my Sacred Heart. Clean homes, illuminated and perfumed with love, are my true domestic sanctuaries where I make myself present with all my divinity, love and will.[1] I bless you and give you [Edson] at this moment the great grace that is so necessary for you and for your family, whom I have chosen and prepared to be an example to all others for these difficult and bad times.

Receive My peace and My love: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen! Tell these words of mine as soon as possible to all families around the world!

1. Here, the message moves from the spiritual to the physical plane of “dirt”, echoing the axiom “Grace builds on nature.”